3 Living Room Lighting You Should Know

Lighting is key in decorating the room for a more luxurious and charming impression for each room. No exception to decorate the living room, you need a way to get maximum results in decorating your room. Decorating the living room especially in lighting you have to do it right for an impression that will give a new look to your room. The living room can be a very comfortable room to gather with family, but at certain times the living room can be a room that is difficult to get the balance of lighting. There are many ways to make the living room a more attractive room.
You can light up your room with several different types and levels of lighting for your room. Your living room only needs light with “LIGHT” intensity. To get “LIGHT” in your living room you will need three main types of lighting that must be in your living room: General, Accent, and Task. This type of lighting will combine well to create a living room with perfect lighting. Here we have a trick for installing this type of lighting for your living room:

3 Living Room Lighting You Should Know

3 Living Room Lighting You Should Know
1. General Lighting
The lighting that you should think about first is the type of general lighting for your living room. Maybe not all living rooms will have the right ceiling for this function, and even if you have a lot of natural light that illuminates the room during the day you might not want overhead lights. However, it is different if you have a fitting, pendant, or chandelier for the center that will help and center your focus point in the living room. Spotlights will also help your lighting and make your overhead provide an even layer of lighting on each side of the room. However, if you don’t install overhead you can use a curved floor lamp that would be suitable
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Position your overhead if you have a living room with a TV, incorrect placement of overhead will disturb you when you watch TV. Dimming ceiling lights or offset wall scones and floor lamps can be an alternative for you.
2. Task Lights
The second type of light for your living room is to add task lights to your living room, this lamp can make your room visually larger and bring luxury to your living room. Reading lights will be one of the important lightings for the living room when you have lots of magazines and newspapers to read every day. Use a slightly low lighting level to place your lights. In addition to reading lights, you can also consider using a floor lamp that you place between two chairs that can be additional lighting (task). This placement can warm up your conversation with guests, making the conversation a warm place will make you feel comfortable for long in the guest room.
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3. Accent Lighting
Finally, alighting with an accent impression for your living room, low-level table lamps, and floor lamps will help you create a comfortable and cozy room for your living room, especially at night. You just need to level your lighting throughout your room, direct the wall and create an even impression of light for your room. Light and warm light that bounces into your room, be creative with Accent lighting! Add some candles and fairy lighting to your room, romantic and warm isn’t it.

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