5 Smart Bedside Lamp Ideas For Display Optimization

5 Smart Bedside Lamp Ideas For Display Optimization

Bedside Lamp Ideas

The use of bedside lamps is not only for adding light sources in the room, but this lamp has more functions such as providing comfortable reading light, supporting activities in bed, and being additional lighting to enhance bedroom decor. Bedside Lamp ideas are not only about the beauty and compatibility of the lamp with the appearance of the room. However, Bedside Lamp’s ideas are how you will bring in bedside lighting for a better look without having to destroy the existing oasis.

5 Smart Bedside Lamp Ideas

5 Smart Bedside Lamp Ideas For Display Optimization
5 Smart Bedside Lamp Ideas For Display Optimization

Bedside Lamp ideas for getting the best choice can be obtained by answering the following basic considerations:

1. How Many Side Lights Are Needed?
Basically, the general rule for using bedside lamps is one lamp for those who are not paired and having a pair of sidelights for those who are already paired. However, this rule is not always true! When you have a king-sized bedroom, using a pair of bed lamps can be better in terms of appearance and lighting that you will get.

Using a pair of lamps in a king bedroom will give you a better balance, even in a room without a partner! And it should be noted that even sidelights cannot be used as the main lighting source in the room.

Having complementary lightings such as overhead lights, sconces, or recessed lighting will be better.

2. What is the ideal lamp height?
Getting the most appropriate height for the bedside lamp, you can measure it by how high your book is while reading in bed. Of course, choosing the height of the lamp at the base is to avoid the light shining on the head or dazzling the eyes! I assume the height of your nightstand is the same as the height of the mattress, this means you should get a lamp that is the same height as the nightstand or 2-4 inches taller.

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We’ll assume the nightstand is about 25 inches high, meaning a good light is 27-29 inches tall. Apart from the height of the lamp, you also have to take into account how you will place the light switch! Placing the switch that is easy to reach without leaving the bed can be a great idea. The best switch is on the bedside that is embedded in your lamp.

When you find altitude and easy navigation to turn lights on and off, you don’t have to leave the bed for easier reading and turning off the lights.

3. Lamp Width?
What often happens when choosing a bedside lamp is when you don’t pay attention to the size of the existing lamp. Many homeowners use the wrong light and find it too small for them! Bedside Lamp Ideas in the width of the lamp will balance the visual appearance and produce better light.

The wider the mattress size, the nightstand will also get a wider lamp. Your choice of bedside lamps must be at least 2/3 the size of your nightstand.

4. Good Hood Selection!
The use of a lampshade will be the item of choice to balance the appearance of the room. The height of the lampshade must be at least 2/3 of the body, this measurement is obtained from the bottom to the base of the bulb. And for the width of the hood, at least 2 times the widest part of your lamp. To bring out a sleek impression in a bedroom, it’s a good idea to use a lampshade no wider than the height of the hood!

The height of the hood is 2/3 of the height of the lamp, the width of the hood is 2 times the width of the lamp.

Using a clear white lampshade will allow light to enter easily, and give the impression of a larger space. For opaque lampshades, they will make the appearance of the space appear more dramatic with their existing light filtering.

5. Style
The last Bedside Lamp Ideas are all about the appearance of the lamp itself! The use of lights that are in line with the bedroom style will make it easier for you to choose the color and style you want. Decorate the contemporary bedroom look with clear glass lamps, brass lamps, or chrome lamps! As for the shape, you can choose according to your wishes.

The choice of bedside lamps is entirely up to you, what should be underlined is how to get a lamp that fits the look of the bedroom! After you have practiced the Bedside Lamp Ideas above, write down in the comments column how the results were obtained from this election?

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