A Home Lighting Guide For Every Room

It is very clear that lighting has a big impact on decorating a room, and many homeowners interpret lighting as an afterthought for existing interiors. Lighting becomes a utilitarian detail in any room, and not as decoration to add aesthetic value in it. When you can set the lighting correctly, then your lighting is a factor that will take the room to a higher level of design.
Get the best tricks in decorating lighting in the room with us, and light up every side of the room in your home more simply and with maximum results. Read these tips from us to get ease in decorating lighting in any room in the house.

A Home Lighting Guide For Every Room

A Home Lighting Guide For Every Room

Lighting Options

A mistake that is most often done in the lighting settings in the room is only dependent on one main lighting. And especially too dependent on an overhead, and this is a wrong decoration! An overhead is indeed an option that will unite a room. However, not with the lighting in your space!
In fact, you will get perfection in lighting settings when you have some lighting in a room. And this is divided into three types of lighting that you can place in your space. Among others :
Ambient Lighting
This lighting is often referred to as general lighting, which will fill most of the lighting in a room that makes it easy for you to move from one side to the other in your room.
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Accent lighting
It is a type of lighting that will highlight a particular focal point in your room, such as a work of art on the wall and a lamp in your favorite picture. Track lighting is common in this accent lighting, adding dimmers is a recommendation in your lighting to adjust the light around the room.
It is lighting that will help you in completing your activities such as table lamps and hanging lamps above your island.

Room Layout

After you are done and understand several types of lighting, now it is time for you to choose how, and where the best lighting in your room. This is a way to get the best lighting for your room, it has become a personal decoration choice! However, we have a pretty interesting idea for you to try.
You can read and follow this guide to find out your lighting layout:
  1. Entrance: You can start placing the chandelier in front of your entrance to give a dramatic impression, to get a more perfect impression you can add a table or floor lamp in your area.
  2. The living room: The living room is an area that is most suitable for placing hidden lighting to surround the room. Using overhead in the seating area will make the attraction in your seating area and make it more centered. And overcome the darkness on the floor by using the floor lamp.
  3. Dining room: You can create a main source in your dining room using a large chandelier or a chandelier centered on your dining table area. The addition of floor or table lamps can complement the decoration in a dark corner. 
  4. Kitchen: It is a room that requires very complex lighting, and you have to start from recessed lighting. And give a focus to your kitchen island and dining table using a chandelier on it. As well as adding additional lighting under the cabinet you should consider making it easier for you to pick up the equipment at night.
  5. The bedroom: The bedroom becomes an area where we will relax and rest after a day of work and doing various activities. At least create a light source in your room and add a desk lamp on the nightstand to provide additional light while reading. You can also add dimmers to create more dramatic effects in your room.
  6. Office: You can use overhead in your room and make sure you also add a desk and floor lamps to light up the dark corners and your work area.
  7. Bathroom: You can provide task lighting in the mirror area, and provide overhead over the bath for additional dramatization in your bathroom.

Size and Lighting Aesthetics

When it comes to choosing the size of lighting, you have to think about how they hang well above their heads. There are tips with a simple count for finding the perfect size for your lighting, and this is inseparable from determining a diameter.
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If you use a fixture that will illuminate each side of the room, you need to measure the length and width of your room. Add two figures, and convert from feet to inches and you get a diameter that’s perfect for your lighting.
Example: If your room is 10 x 12 feet, you will get 22 inches for your room.

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