All About Base Cabinet You Must Know

Setting the kitchen or bathroom is a layout that should make you move more easily. The selection of the top or bottom cabinet will fit and work better visually. In the kitchen area, the bottom cupboard becomes a cupboard that will be interspersed with a stove, oven, refrigerator, and dishwasher And for the bathroom, the lower cabinet is a cabinet that is used as a dressing table and is an area that is suitable for the placement of your sink.
If you don’t have a base cabinet concept, then you are the same person as someone else. There are many homeowners, doing renovations without thinking about the cabinet classification without thinking about it. You need to know that the system in the cabinet works well enough that you don’t need to think hard about it.

All About Base Cabinet You Must Know

All About Base Cabinet You Must Know
What is the base cabinet?
The basic cabinet is a cabinet made specifically for the kitchen or bathroom which is on the floor that holds items such as tables, stoves, or sinks. The kitchen has a section consisting of a base cabinet and a wall cabinet. Whereas in the bathroom, you will only find a basic cabinet! However, you can find a wall cabinet in a larger bathroom area.

You will find the basic cabinet and wall cabinet in a large cabinet system.

Base Cabinet
This cabinet has often nicknamed the mare in the kitchen scheme, the base cabinet will be on the floor and provide a service base and be good storage in the kitchen or bathroom. This cabinet can also be a determining factor in a kitchen floor plan. This base cabinet is a permanent choice for kitchens attached to back wall buttons. The Base Cabinet has open legs or long wooden legs.
The base cabinet has a height of about 32-34 inches. And when you add a table in the Base Cabinet you will get a height of around 35-37 inches. IN the bathroom This cabinet is often referred to as “Vanity” with a lower height of 2-3 inches from the kitchen cabinet.
Wall Cabinet
This cabinet is a helper cabinet in order to maximize the function of the kitchen, the cabinet on the wall is above the base cabinet and provides roaring storage too. This cabinet attaches to the wall stud using screws. This cabinet is a choice of cabinets with choices without doors or with glass and solid doors. This wall cabinet is a reflection of the basic cabinet (not forever).
You can get a wall cabinet with various sizes to your liking. However, for the choice of semi-custom cabinets or stock they only exist in a few sizes.
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The function of the Base Cabinet
As a Counter Base
This cabinet is a cabinet with a base to lean on various items in your kitchen. This cabinet is an area that will hold several items such as:

  1. Countertops
  2. Sink
  3. Cooktop

Large Storage Area
This cabinet is the ideal choice for placing various large-sized cookware such as pots, pans, or cleaning accessories. Or maybe some homeowners use it as an open storage area such as under the sink. However, you will find many who use it as enhanced storage with slide-outs, drawers, or box-columns.
But the base cabinet is not the only storage in your kitchen. Pantry comes as a better storage option for storing food. And wall cabinets are also a food storage area that is more often used than the base cabinet.
Become the definition for floor layout
You will get a simple kitchen layout with an L-shape or a U-shape. And form a corridor or kitchen with one or two side cabinets. The use of shapes in the kitchen area can be based on the base cabinet you are using.
However, the base cabinet is a major factor in creating traffic flow in the kitchen, the choice of an open floor, and also the location of items such as kitchen tables.
Kitchen Island Development
Kitchen Island is one of the kitchen parts that is often made for the first time in building a house, and most of them are built using kitchen cabinets. The union of two or three cabinets on the inside makes it invisible but very attractive. The use of stitches between bases covers the mold and gets better without using trim.
  • There are many Bace cabinets installed with experts, but you can also get a choice of cabinets that are ready to assemble and make it easier for you to install independently.
  • When mounting cabinet must be crushed from the bottom before mounting on the wall.
  • Freestanding cabinet with legs that can be adjusted independently to be a level.
  • Quality cabinet boxes have material from plywood, MDF, or fiberboard.

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