All About Laminate Countertops Review

Laminate Countertop

Laminated countertops came in the late 1940-1950s, laminated countertops come in full force and replace the charms of natural countertops. However, not long after these countertops, this type of lamination was old school and unpleasant.
With the development of technology, laminate countertops play with quality and provide an attractive appearance for every type of kitchen, with many design choices offered by laminated countertops at a more affordable price, and easy installation make these countertops a choice of countertops that are preferred by DIYers. However, the choice of materials for estimation has a shorter lifespan, and even they cannot resist burns, delamination, and even peeling.

Laminate Countertop

Laminate Countertop


  1. Have a more affordable price
  2. Ease of care
  3. Has many designs to choose from




  1. Cannot be repaired
  2. Not resistant to heat and delaminate
  3. Has a shorter (general) time period


Plastic Lamination
Plastic lamination is a laminate with use for countertops with the same manufacturing process with variations in ownership between producers. Plastic phenolic resins are laminated on a layer of brown kraft paper, and an additional decorative layer is given, then finally covered with a layer of wear and also a thin transparent resin that will protect all layers.
The cheapest choice of countertops still falls on laminated material. The cost for this material alone ranges from $ 30 per square foot, you will get a difference of up to $ 20 when you compare it with solid countertops material. However, the material for the type of laminate flooring can vary depending on the choice of pattern and also the color available. Costs can also increase when you have a custom table in the kitchen.
Special Countertops; When you try to build a special countertop of your own with the help of professional friends, then they will make the core of countertops adjusted to your desires. Selection of raw laminate sheets, and then carry out the installation. This will also have an effect on price spikes for your own special countertops.
Make with raw laminate; If you try to make it using raw laminate with a large sheet about 60 feet in size. If you also have to prepare additional funds at least about $ 5- $ 12 per square foot for your personal table.
Countertops Post-form; This is a postpaid printing segment option in 4 foot, 8-foot cuts, with a tilted choice for home repairs. You can get a $ 50- $ 200 fee per segment. This is a cheap option, but unfortunately, you will only get very limited colors and patterns.
The plastic resin making material makes these countertops one of the ingredients with easy cleaning of stains, you only need soap and also water to make your countertops sparkle again. Make sure you don’t use an abrasive cleaner because you can scratch it.
These countertops can also experience delamination from time to time especially when water is absorbed into the seam, even for repairs can be very difficult. For countertops, damage requires that you do a table update.
The design
High-pressure laminates have a variety of colors, patterns, and textures to choose from. With the renewal of technology, these countertops have depth and a more modern look. Thus making laminate is the most flexible material for existing kitchen surfaces.

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