All About Laminate Flooring You Need to Know Before Investing

Laminate flooring is a floor that came a few decades ago with ease of installation, pulling, and also long durability. Along with the development of existing technology, this floor is increasingly developing with sharper definition imaging, sharper embossing, and also more attractive seams. This floor is present and developing with various innovations that continue to advance and increasingly charming and captivating.
However, this is still a human creation that cannot be perfect in the floor category with all its mechanisms with installation, maintenance, durability, etc. The laminate floor also has weaknesses and also advantages.

All About Laminate Flooring You Need to Know Before Investing

All About Laminate Flooring You Need to Know Before Investing
Disadvantages and advantages of laminated floors :
  • Ease of installation
  • cheaper price
  • Stain resistance

  • When the floor is placed in a humid area they will be more easily damaged
  • Engineering display
  • Loud and noisy
  • Use a mixture of chemicals

For the cost of laminated flooring materials, you will get a fee of around $ 1- $ 4 per square foot, but not infrequently you will get a more expensive price around $ 10- $ 15 for products from designers. But, there is also a lot of good quality laminate flooring that you can get in the price range of $ 2- $ 4 (more affordable).
So why can prices vary? The price you get is the price based on the level of thickness of the wear layer and the quality of the laminated floor printing layer. With a more economical and affordable price, laminate flooring can be a consideration in your investment.
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In addition to low prices, laminated flooring comes with DIY options with easy installation and for professionals, you will not get too expensive a price. For the installation of materials and labor, you will get a price of around $ 5 per square foot. Thus, laminate flooring is a good choice with inexpensive flooring options comparable to medium quality carpet floors.
Lamination is a type of floor with ease in maintenance using brooms and mops. The moist mop is a good way to make your floor sparkle. Even when cleaning you don’t need to use floor waxing, and make sure you don’t use excess water to clean your surface because it will make the seams from the floor sag and even get damaged. And also laminate floors are not a good choice for humid areas in your home, because standing water will destroy the surface.
This floor has a level of wear that will protect the layer underneath and this layer of wear makes the floor a bit more resistant from scratches, and also stains. You will get a guarantee of around 10 years for your floor with a guaranteed level of wear.
Sand and refinishes are the weakness of laminate but repairs to the floor cannot be sanded or repaired so when you get an impact from damage to the laminate floor, you have to replace it.
The design
The laminated floor is an imitation floor that always shows the impression of stone, wood, and also some other types of natural materials. Indeed laminate floors, do not fully display the impression of hardwood like the original. Many pieces of floor are imperfect and need to be eliminated. And each side of the board will provide consistent quality and appearance.
When you come and look closely at the laminate floor, you will get a prominent difference from the floorboard. Because lamination is never identical to the appearance of real wood, real wood has a look with a pattern that is truly charming and unique while the laminate will use repetition of patterns to get the design of the existing wooden floor.
With various types of wood available, laminates will repeat the patterns in their molds about 10-20% repetition. To install a floor, you must install it more thoroughly! Without an installation strategy, you will get a pattern repeat and end up with boards that are identical to each other.
Laminate floors are not a good choice in increasing the value of your home, but they will be a good choice when you do renovations at a low cost.
Laminate is a floor with easy installation options and you can do it yourself. With accuracy, you must install the floor by attaching the floor to each other, and this floor uses a tongue and groove system or can be interpreted as clicks and keys. You combine the boards with each other that are related from one end to the other. Lamination boards are built with particle boards that are easy to cut with a saw.
Even lamination does not require you to use glue in the installation because the floorboards are interlocked at the edges. But the problem comes when you put the base of the foam and put the board together from one end to the other. For this DIY project, you can spend one day a perfect and thorough installation. And for pro workers, they might only need 2-3 hours of installation.
Recommended Brand for laminate flooring
You will get a variety of brands for your laminate flooring, but we have several options to consider such as:
  1. Pergo from Mohawk, became the largest plastic laminate, flooring producer. Spread all over the country and you can get it in a downtown repair shop for $ 2- $ 4 square feet.
  2. Bruce of Armstrong, the manufacturer is also a recommendation in the laminate floor in the middle of the city with a selling price of around $ 3 square feet.
  3. Shaw Of Warren Buffer, a manufacturer with a variety of product lines, gives you a wide selection of laminate flooring options in the range of $ 2 per square foot and also for high-end products at $ 12 per square foot.
This floor gives the impression that a hard type is below the ground level but many laminate floors use a foam underlay installation which makes the floor more soft and comfortable. In the past few decades, laminate flooring is a slippery floor, but as time goes by, this floor innovates with the addition of a worn layer with anti-slip texture.
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Laminate flooring is a good choice for those who have allergies because the floor will trap dust and allergens with ease of cleaning. However, chemicals contained in it will make some consumers react with resins and glues.

Laminate flooring is the right choice when you have a limited budget and is the best choice in cost savings because it is a good DIY project. This floor comes with a variety of appearance resembling hardwood, but this floor will not increase the sale value of your home such as hard floors and stone.

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