How To Extend The Life and Appearance of Cheap Furniture

Cheap Furniture

Cheap Furniture, When we decorate the house and start thinking about using furniture, getting furniture at a low price becomes a matter of pride. However, when finding furniture at a cheaper price how about the quality you get? Sometimes cost and quality will be directly proportional. But there are times when it is also inversely proportional, maybe you will also find a board getting faster wear for other low-priced furniture.
However, this does not mean that furniture at lower prices cannot last long in the house. The durability of the furniture is in your hands! How you use it, and how you do it. There are some tricks to provide a longer life even for cheap furniture!

Extend The Life of Cheap Furniture

Cheap Furniture
Hardware Upgrade
One of the most prominent things in the differentiation of cheap furniture is the quality that is used for manufacturing. To create the illusion that makes your furniture look more expensive is to use repairs on furniture. You can use knobs and pulls to provide more beautiful design and make the furniture function longer and stay cheap, of course.
Change feet
Do not feel satisfied with the installation on the furniture legs, you can improve the style and appearance of the furniture by replacing the existing foot by using Scandinavian-style feet and this will provide a level of appeal in cheap furniture in your home.
Once build
For prefab or flatpack furniture, building and separating as often as possible is one of the best ways to improve the appearance and durability of the furniture. Pay attention! When you try to break apart a piece of furniture, you also have the risk of widening the hole and shaking the structure of the furniture.

When you move from one room to another, make sure you transport each piece as-is for the security of your furniture.

Stabilize the Borehole
When you try to expand the drill hole, make sure there are no shocks or any shaking there. Use chopsticks, pieces of wood or other items to fill the holes. Push it into the wood, and apply glue, don’t let it waver at all. When you find a hole that is too wide, using this method is the best choice for securing your furniture.
Prepare wood fillers
A wood filler is an item that must be in your home when you find cheap furniture and scratches or dents there. So always prepare your wood filler!
Encouragement on particleboard
When you can’t get fillers in furniture, you can extend the life of furniture by using Polyvinyl acetate glue to fill holes and also overcome cracks!
Paint Coating
To get a more luxurious look on furniture, you can use spray paint on furniture. Apart from giving a better and more attractive appearance, the use of spray paint on cheap furniture will not waste your budget. The use of spray paint will also add durability and provide additional age in furniture! The color selection of the paint you use will also play the mood of the room user.
You can use tones that are in tune with the tiles or ceiling in the room.
When you find an area of furniture that is getting boring, don’t rush to the store and buy new furniture! Because you can give a new look to furniture as long as you have a stock of paint in your storage cabinet. To continue to get a charming appearance of furniture, you can do a color update when the paint starts to peel or when you find boredom there.

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