Bamboo Flooring Review For Your Options

Bamboo Flooring

You will get various choices for materials on your floor, one of which is bamboo on the floor! Bamboo on the floor has various advantages and disadvantages such as other materials. Bamboo flooring is also one of the natural ingredients that have an attractive appearance and adds value to your home. Bamboo is classified as a grass plant, which has the same strong and durable characteristics as improved wood. Hard bamboo character and more moisture-resistant than wood, making this type of floor more sought after home buyers.

However, still, bamboo flooring has various weaknesses! This floor really attracts the attention of potential home buyers and becomes a renewable resource. Bamboo flooring has a longer time to ripen around 20th or more, and bamboo flooring is easier to grow. To find out more about bamboo flooring choices read on this article and find out the weaknesses and advantages of bamboo flooring!

Bamboo Flooring Review

Bamboo Flooring
Floor Making
When choosing bamboo flooring, you will get several types of bamboo flooring with different manufacturing processes and methods:
  • Bamboo Flown, this floor is obtained from tearing bamboo stems and then made into smaller strands. The camel is compressed to be made into sheets by heating and binding with resin. Then the cutting process to get a board that will be used as a building material, you will get a shape such as a tongue board and grooves that are nailed, or boards that glide under layers. This type can be called a premium form of bamboo flooring which has a variety of color choices.
  • The Horizontal, the floor has a view with a thin strip of a strip that is glued together and forms aboard, this one floor also has a long grain that you can see on the floor. These horizontal bamboos are not as hard as stranded bamboos, but they have a more striking appearance.
  • Engineered Bamboo Flooring, this one is a wooden floor made with the binding of a thin layer of bamboo on the core of plywood with the same appearance as hardwood and with the same installation method (Click-and-clack). This one is the choice of bamboo flooring with the lowest price among others.
Environmentally Friendly Choices
For buyers who are more aware of the environment, they will definitely be more interested in using bamboo floors for their homes! Yes, of course, because bamboo flooring is a completely renewed natural material. It is different from hardwood flooring because the material from wood will grow with time so that bamboo can grow faster, even for the felled stems can grow as before.
While it’s easy to get bamboo floors, another problem is present. Using a floorboard made by slicing bamboo stems which is then compressed using heat, pressure, and also adhesive will make the floor contain urea-formaldehyde.
The use of adhesives in the manufacture of floors will have varying toxic contents. And for cheaper flooring products, they will have more formaldehyde content.
For this floor, you will get a price that is almost the same as the choice of wood floors with a range of $ 2-9 per square foot and installation costs around $ 5 per square foot with experts. You should at least spend around $ 10 per square foot on materials and expertise.
No home buyer will miss the look of a wooden floor! This floor gives a trendy look and gives you elegance to your room, the look produced from the bamboo flooring exceeds hardwood. Bamboo flooring will make the homeowner have a completely different look from renewable resources.


  • Ease of care
  • Ease of repair
  • Provides additional selling points
  • Material is easy to get
  • Scratches
  • Receiving too much moisture will create cracks on the floor
  • Adhesives in the installation have toxic contents
For those of you who use bamboo material for the home, you will have ease in care. Sweeping and vacuuming more regularly is enough to free the floor from the dirt on the surface. To tighten, use a mop with a little moisture and a cleanser without wax, and lye.
The flooring habitats that can grow well in humidity and watery areas make this floor a bit more moisture-resistant than hardwood floors. The durability of the bamboo flooring is also superior to the scratches and hits of hard objects. For floors that are discolored, scratched, and damaged, they can be improved by sanding and applying the seal coat again. However, this does not apply to engineered bamboo floors!
To get choices and good quality of Bamboo flooring you can consider the following brand choices:
  • Plyboo
  • Teregreen
  • Cali Bamboo Flooring
  • Ambient Bamboo Floor
The choice of Bamboo Flooring will give a look that is almost the same as hardwood flooring. Bamboo flooring has a level of elegance that is completely different from wood floors and other types of floors. Bamboo flooring is a good choice for adding value to your home!

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