Basic Garden Landscape Decoration Ideas For Maximum Results

Are you trying to decorate the yard? How to design landscaping for a home? how about we give you a little idea to decorate a landscape specifically for you. In decorating landscaping you must understand how the principle in making landscaping, you must understand the principles in decorating landscaping to get the final result according to your desires!

In decorating your landscape you need to be a little creative and with creativity, you will produce a landscape that is unique to yourself. An amazing decoration will be born of yourself, here we will share some principles of decorating the landscape to enhance your creativity and also create balance and harmony in your decoration! Let’s get started…

Basic Garden Landscape Decoration Ideas For Maximum Results

Basic Garden Landscape Decoration Ideas For Maximum Results

Association; In decorating your landscape you need to know what unity is and also repetition in the design of your landscape! Repetition can include repetition in the elements of the planting and also design in your landscape. And the association is intended to create a unity that makes one in your landscape to create a theme in the lens. This method will make your landscape have a story with a variety of colors from your plant species.

Balanced; Equality in a landscape has 2 types of factors that will keep your landscape as stable and stylish as symmetrical and asymmetrical balance. In symmetrical balance, you will get two identical sides in your design while in the Asymmetrical factor balancing the composition of your landscape is to use various elements and objects that have imaginary in the design.

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Contrast; In decorating your landscape, you must create a contrasting impression that will make the elements in your landscape stand out better. And you also need a harmony that will make the elements more integrated. The Contrast Element will make your visitor’s attraction increase when your contrast is placed on one side of your landscape. Contrast and harmony are created successfully when you juxtapose each element and the colors that are side by side.

Color; Give a little splash of color on your landscape by adding some flowers that have colors that have bright colors (red, blue, orange). Make the impression of your landscape is a room full of colors that has many colorful objects. And the color green and blues will create the impression of perspective.

Transition; It is a gradual change in the decoration of the transitional landscape that aims to use variations in plant size and also the intensity of the colors. And also provides an application to the existing texture, leaf shape, and also the size of the existing elements.

Line; The line can also be called the mother of decoration elements. Even the lines will be the main in decorating every room and they also have the aim to give the impression of depth and distance.

Proportion; Proportion will refer to a measure that connects elements to one another. In this landscape design idea, the proportion is the most obvious idea but you still have to make plans and extra creativity. In decorating complete you must ensure that all are in balanced proportions!

Repetition; Having a close relationship in uniting every element and existing design. It’s a good idea to have several plants of the same size and color and group them together in the same section. Without repetition and grouping of designs in the landscape, you will only get an unplanned and strange impression in your landscape.

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In decorating landscaping, the landscape becomes a perfect object to unleash your wild creativity. Decorating, coloring, contrast, line, and grouping will be a staple of landscape decoration in your yard. So draw and pour your picture into the landscape in your yard to make your landscape a comfortable and pleasant decoration to pamper your eyes.

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