Basic Scandinavian Design Tricks For Perfection

Every few years, we will get a trend from the latest home designs that will make us want to switch designs. When talking about room design, we will be faced with various experiments in various styles. And for those who want a change, they will try various designs every year. And knowing the trend of decoration can be a must for them.
However, it’s different when you get to know an idea from Scandinavia that is special and doesn’t auction by time. When you are familiar with the Scandinavian style, you will surely fall in love with the elegant, minimalist, and spacious design. To deepen your knowledge of Scandinavian decoration, let’s scroll through this article.

Basic Scandinavian Design Tricks

What is Scandinavian Style?
The most common thing when hearing the word “Scandinavia” is a typical Swedish furniture store located in IKEA. However, this is more than that Scandinavian style has a good element to describe a style with a minimalist, simple style, and also broad. This style often becomes an idol in various minimalist houses to make the house feel bigger and more spacious with various styles and designs from Scandinavia itself.
Basic Scandinavian Design Tricks
In fact, the Scandinavian style is obtained from the eastern European region, from Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, and Islandian. This is the style of a collection of several Nordic countries that have innovations, styles, and also charming designs. Scandinavian style is a collection of various functions and styles. With furniture and style that has the main goal not to get hassles, but still beautiful. Even the choice of Scandinavian style furniture is the most beautiful choice of furniture that you can find on the market (a combination of design and functional style).
Scandinavian Style Home Design?
Scandinavian-style design is a style by involving a variety of functional and simple furniture that occupies the room. The function of existing furniture is to communicate modernism and even this does not require a lot of energy and only invests in furniture and other existing elements.
Thus, it is not surprising that many people choose the Scandinavian style and remodel the room into an area with many elegant minimalist designs with simple lines that make an impression of being clean, neutral, and open.
The Main Element when declining Scandinavian Style in your room.
1. White Walls
You can understand when you enter the keyword “Scandinavian Style” then Google will display a room with all-white walls. And the white color in the room aims to light and bright in the room, for that white color is the most suitable choice to appear.
However, sometimes some people don’t really like white and get bored with unpleasant white tones. And the best alternative for this is to use 3 tones on a white wall. With egg white, white, and also vanilla. This will display a more attractive color scheme with a different style than the wallpaper with a pattern on it!
2. Form
To bring in a piece of Scandinavian-style furniture is not a difficult choice because Scandinavian-style furniture is an item of furniture with beautiful shapes and simple lines. Chairs that are designed to sit not as furniture for design purposes! Comfort and function are important in choosing Scandinavian-style furniture!
3. Pattern
Scandinavian art is better known as art with botanical and natural elements. This often gives the appearance of several colors that combine, with natural plant shapes.
4. Natural Ingredients
Remember that Scandinavian style is a style with the function of a Nordic country with a variety of natural materials such as wood, wool, wool, more wool, and also fur. Using cowhide as a carpet and also oriental rugs will often be found in many Scandinavian designs because these materials are natural and are very sought after fans of Scandinavian minimalist style.
5. Open Space
Aside from a simpler color scheme, this style has a design with fewer furniture in the room. The interior is completely free, giving the impression of a minimalist style, clean with white walls on each side. The Scandinavian style will feel very fresh, with a bright landscape, and feels floating.
6. Lighting
This is also one of the characteristics of Scandinavian style Nordic “Hanging Lamp”, a popular chandelier in Scandinavia is a long chandelier. With a choice of styles that vary with styles that remain simple!
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Hang the lights lower for those who like the single look, and this will be very suitable for those who use carpets with Scandinavian-style designs on the floor.

7. Textile
The country of origin of this force is a cold country with extreme temperatures. This is the main reason when you see the design of this style maximizing textiles to warm the room and increase comfort. Rugs become a complement to the living room area, and also the bedroom. Wil from sheepskin or soft cotton cloth is a choice that is often used to decorate the room.
8. Plants
Do not forget to use plants in your room, an all-white design that will be equipped with bringing plants into the room and create additional freshness to your room. Put flowers and greenery to provide additional color and make the room feel more refreshing and also spacious.
9. Fireplace
Remember about the cold temperatures there? This is one of the imperatives for making Scandinavian designs more perfect. Use a fireplace in the corner of the room or become a focal point in your living room.

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