Bathroom Set Ideas Do This And Don’t Do It

Reducing clutter in the bathroom is a good way to store your belongings there. However, how do we store things in the bathroom? For storing goods in the bathroom you will not get too many tricks for this. Keeping the bathroom to remain in a quiet area is a necessity in maintaining comfort in your bathroom.

For that, too much stuff piled up in the bathroom can make your bathroom very unpleasant to occupy and comfort will not be in your bathroom. So what if the bathroom is a mess? You will definitely be difficult to find the items you need right? To maintain the comfort and regularity of the bathroom you need to read this article to find out what items you need to keep, and what items will make the bathroom very messy.

Bathroom Set Ideas Do This And Don’t Do It

Bathroom Set Ideas Do This And Don't Do It

Items that you can save (Must Have).
Toiletries; A must to store and place toiletries in your bathroom! You should keep items that you continue to use when you take a shower such as Toothbrushes, toothpaste, gargle, moisturizer, and facial cleanser. The best storage is the closest placement to the sink, and store your supplies in the storage area around your sink. Toiletries are always in the bathroom, and storing equipment regularly will keep your bathroom from clutter.

Towel; Storing towels in the closest drawer to the bath makes it easier for you to collect and store them after you use your towel. Give towels the closest places to you, then they will make it easier for you to cleanse your body. Give towels the most common and prominent places to make it easier for your guests to get towels after washing their faces.

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Makeup tools; Shaving knife, cream, soap, shampoo, conditioner are equipment that will help you when you take a shower and this equipment will really help you when they are stored in an area close to your bathtub. Especially when you use a high shower that uses vertical space better.

Hairdresser; Hair styling tools (dryers, curlers, and flat irons) become traditional equipment that requires you to store them in your bathroom area. Giving them a special place to hang will make it easier for you to search and return to where they belong. Separate your hairdresser from toiletries, because you may have to remove all your toiletries before you get your hairdresser!

Toilet paper; Keep your extra toilet paper rolls at the bottom of your sink (if available). Or you can store your paper in a floor basket to make it easier for you to find your backup paper more easily. There is no most annoying thing when we have to look for toilet paper when you really need them.

First aid; Equipment that you can say must be in the bathroom, storing first aid in a prominent area will make it easier for guests and you find them more easily. Storage in a drawer or wall will be a strategic place when an emergency occurs.

That Must Be Considered
Tray; You can consider giving a tray next to your sink for a place while putting your watch or glasses when you are washing and washing your face.

Rack; Giving the bathroom a few shelves can be more effective in storing your sheets and linen.

Basket; Placing wicker baskets in the bathroom can be temporary storage when you have dirty clothes and towels to wash.

Newspaper; If you are a maniac read in the bathroom, and you need paper to read while on the toilet. Then you can put a small basket or wall shelf in the bathroom to accommodate newspapers or magazines that will give the bathroom a comfortable room to read. Providing storage for newspapers and magazines in the bathroom can prevent your area from the existing chaos.

Prohibition of Saving
Drug; If you are a person who has shortness of breath, or needs a vitamin pill that requires you to take it. Never put your medicines in the bathroom! You can move it to the kitchen area because that’s where they have to be. In addition to not being the right place to store drugs, a bathroom with moisture that is going to have a bad effect on your medicines. So, moving your medication from the bathroom is a must!

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Electrical equipment that is not water-resistant; If you really like singing or listening to the news while in the bathroom. So, invest in equipment that has a resistance to water you have to do. Never take the risk to bring your electrical appliances into the bathroom.

Important paper; Never carry your documents, letters, or bills into the bathroom. To prevent your valuable papers from being damaged, be sure not to bring them into this humid area.

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