Bathroom Towel Storage Tricks More Efficient

Bathroom Towel

No wonder the bathroom towel is the smallest room in your home. And maybe most bathrooms become more crowded with various toiletries and also a pile of towels in it. However, that does not mean that small bathrooms can not get the best way to arrange towels. You can manage your stack of towels more easily! This simple trick of towel settings can be applied in any bathroom.

Bathroom Towel Storage

Bathroom Towel Storage
Use a Towel Bar or Towel Ring
Adding towel bars and towel rings to the bathroom can be a practical choice for combining storage and decorating styles in your room. Maybe, you already have a rod for storing bath towels so why not try to add them? There are more bathrooms that don’t have a place to hang their towels, and the use of a small rod or ring near the sink can be the solution to this problem.
Even the use of a bar will not take up much space in your bathroom. In fact, using it can provide an additional appearance in the bathroom. Vertical stacking also provides more efficient storage in the room. The look you get is an appearance resembling a comfortable spa bathroom and this method can make it easier for you to take a towel when you need it.
Towel Rack at the Door
You can consider it! The use of towel racks at the door can be an alternative for those of you who have limited areas. You can also place storage in a single bar that is more practical like slats, hooks, or shelves. You can also get various style choices to add traction, simple ideas to add traction and towel storage.
When using this rack, be sure to position your towel and door! When a wet towel gets stuck between the door and the wall, drying won’t work better and can even cause bacterial growth!
Hanging shelf
To save a spare towel you can use a hanging rack! This use can give you freedom in the bathroom, besides using a hanging rack can free the floor from clutter. When storing towels there, be sure to fold them neatly and arrange them well. In addition to this being a way to free up your room, the use of hanging racks can add to the appearance in the bathroom.
The use of hanging racks is really great! In addition to providing flexible storage, you can also add style there. So it’s no wonder the use of hanging racks has always been an alternative for bathroom owners with minimal sizes.
Towel Stand
For those of you who really don’t have an area that is completely free to place towels, you might consider using a towel mat in your bathroom. Using a towel is even more practical than you think! Using a towel base can be placed even in a narrow floor area, such as in the corner of the shower or next to the bathtub.
This method can be an option to maximize the function of your bathroom, even if the bathroom is narrow though! In fact, you can also get a choice of towel holders that have shelves for your extra storage.
You can also use the free vertical space in the bathroom. The vertical area can be an alternative for using a medicine cabinet or linen cupboard there, maximizing vertical walls in the bathroom can be a smart way to store various toiletries and also your spare towels!
Vertical towel storage must take several measurements first. Like when you want a cabinet that is above the toilet, then you have to make sure that the wall is really available with a height of at least 1.5 feet from the top of your toilet bowl.

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