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Bathroom Wall

When decorating the bathroom wall, they have different characteristics from walls in other rooms. Yes, of course, the most striking difference from the bathroom wall is the humidity it gets. What makes the wall in the bathroom can not be paired with various types of existing cover. This is very different from other walls that can be paired with almost all types of wall coverings. Bathroom with existing humidity and the direction of water comes you need to be more selective in the selection of wall coverings. When you carry a wall covering without consideration, you will only make the cover break faster with the moisture present. To get the best quality wall coverings for bathrooms, you can read this article for your consideration:

Bathroom Wall Options

Bathroom Wall Options
Vinyl Wallpaper
The choice of wallpaper with a vinyl coating can be one option that will protect your walls from the existing moisture. In addition, the use of this wallpaper can have an impact like you’re in a shaded hotel. However, with some variations. Many wallpaper providers provide a vinyl wallpaper look with style and options that can be adjusted to the area of ​​your stay.
Before bringing vinyl wallpaper into the bathroom, you must ensure that it is easy to peel your wallpaper. Because vinyl wallpaper will not be able to stick to matte, flat, and also rough areas. This wallpaper option will also work well in areas with indirect humidity. So when doing wallpaper pairings make sure the surface covers the bottom of your wall.
To get a classic look in the bathroom, you can bring ceramic tiles in your room. The use of ceramic tiles that are installed correctly can be the most reasonable choice for moisture problems in your bathroom. You can even make ceramics as an ingredient in bathtubs and ponds because of its power from moisture and water.
When you want ceramic tiles for the bathroom area, you only need to consider the design of your tiles. Ceramic tiles will definitely come with grout (lines). The existing lines will provide a variety of patterns that can be an attraction or destroy the attractiveness of your bathroom. When you use too many ceramic tiles into the bathroom, the room will feel very busy and can be a trigger for your stress.

We prefer to carve several sides of the curved, and ceramic wainscot can stop at 36-38 inches.

Common interior paint
The use of interior paint can be a choice of wallcoverings that work well in the bathroom. The use of interior paint in the bathroom only needs to avoid a flat or matte surface area with pores that can become a gathering place for water. And to overcome this, you can bring in semi-gloss and higher-gloss paint choices.
When you use paint on bathroom walls, this means you can save a lot of your costs. Because the choice of this paint can be a choice of wallcoverings at the most affordable prices.
Tileboard is a choice of wallcoverings with large panels that can cover walls up to 32 square feet and at first, glance has a look that resembles ceramic tiles.
Tileboard will look more have a surface with a layer of wear which is a good choice to survive in humid areas. The good news from the choice of wallcoverings on this one is that they come with an easy price and easy installation, with the economical appearance of a tileboard that can be a good choice for bathrooms or underground bathrooms.

They have a weakness with swelling speed and when the water seeps into the hollow, they will not be able to return to its original shape. To overcome this, you have to take care of every stitch and close the end using a silicone coating.

This one wall cover is only available to cover the bottom area of ​​your bathroom wall. However, the area under the bathroom wall is the most important area when dealing with humidity problems. Beadboard coated with semi-gloss paint can be good protection from splashing and moisture in the bathroom with more optimal.
To get the ease of installation, you can invest in a beadboard with a length of 8 feet x 4 feet with long pairs. Installation of beadboard in the bathroom can be an option with a classic impression that will fit in a traditional bathroom. And for a modern style bathroom, the beadboard installation can be said to be misplaced!

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