Bedroom Feng Shui Rules Will Make Better Sleep

Bedroom Feng Shui Rules Will Make Better Sleep

Bedroom Feng Shui Rules

A feng shui bedroom is often believed to be a peaceful and balanced space to provide a better night’s sleep. Feng shui is known as a concept of interior decoration from China which has several rules for attracting positive energy into space. In the concept of feng shui, many people interpret it as gravity attracting good luck as well as good energy into the house. Feng shui is not about what you do, but it is pervasive in every corner of the room. Many believe that bedroom feng shui rules are the best way to improve the sleep quality of every homeowner.

To bring feng shui into the bedroom will not be difficult when you know the basic rules. bedroom feng shui rules will concern some of the most sensible things for the bedroom and will get you a good night’s sleep. To make decorating your feng shui bedroom easy, we have summarized the following basic design rules for the feng shui bedroom.

Bedroom Feng Shui Rules Will Make Better Sleep

Bedroom Feng Shui Rules Will Make Better Sleep
Bedroom Feng Shui Rules Will Make Better Sleep

Feng Shui
Classical Feng Shui is often defined as the art of interior decoration as well as the science of acupuncture. Knowledge from ancient China has improved the lives of many people even over the centuries, this increase is also based on Yi Jing or the book of changes which has teaching about everything that exists has its own energy. Qi is a Chinese word that describes the energy for the universal life force that changes according to circumstances.

The science that underlies feng shui is about a time-tested method of calculation with an invisible feng shui energy blueprint, determined by the orientation of the magnet and also when to build it. In feng shui, you will also recognize several combinations of negative and destructive energies in each shape.

Feng shui is often associated with decoration and also the selection of furniture to create a positive flow in it. A lot of consideration about what’s in it, and what is out of balance will be the biggest influence on the health, relationships, and also the finances of the homeowner. And for that, some feng shui rules in the light must be done to get a prosperous life.

These Best Bedroom Color For Sleep

Bedroom Feng Shui Rules
The basic rules in feng shui bedroom decoration are the placement of furniture and choosing the right accessories. Each room has an area that is not visible or can be compared to a game of Tic-Tac-Toe. If you have a line with a grid of energy blocks, then this is believed to be the main cause of health problems. To avoid placement with open ballots in your bedroom and if you already find a block in it, keep furniture away from it.

Apart from that, you also have to keep the clutter in the room. A clean bedroom is one of the main keys in bedroom feng shui rules. In feng shui, many believe that the flow of energy gets disrupted when the bedroom is messy! So, the thing that should be done at all times is to schedule a regular cleaning.

Placement is the key for Bedroom Feng Shui Rules
When you are trying to incorporate Feng Shui into the bedroom, make sure to place the top of your head near a solid wall. Or in the direction of the wall that has closed windows without airflow, this position is a good position to reduce Qi or energy over the head which will make a better night’s sleep.

Make sure the placement of the bed in accordance with your wall (solid wall). However, floor molding can also be a separator! Trying to get the bed as close to the wall as possible is what you have to do. When you can’t get the bed close to the wall, feng shui requires you to make sure that the door stays closed when you lie down.

The bed must also be considered! A solid wood frame or headboard with fabric can be better in feng shui decor. and avoid the use of multiple panels, open bars and built-in hanging racks!

Bedroom Feng Shui Rules in the Use of Mirrors
For some people having a mirror in the bedroom is a must, especially in a small (minimalist) bedroom. However, in feng shui mirrors are a thing that shouldn’t exist! Reflecting mirrors provide active energy in the bedroom (which is), and it can be a little annoying!

Bedroom Colors
The choice of color in the bedroom will determine how energy flows and also regulate the quality of your sleep. In feng shui, you should avoid primary colors especially red, blue, black, and purple too! This color is a choice that will cause a big problem for the energy that is in your room.

When redecorating your choice of furniture, bedding, accessories, and colors it is better to use neutral tones. So, choosing a calming neutral color will provide a better flow of energy and improve the quality of your sleep!

Balance Existing Energy
The next rule that must be followed is to apply elemental solutions for the use of space complementary accessories. You can present 5 elements with features of water (painting), wood (plants), fire (with red and purple as accents), as well as items that have metal and earth elements. However, you can also consider using just a few elements to make a good combination in your bedroom. Bedroom feng shui rules are rules that will guide you to feel comfortable, positive, and provide better sleep quality!

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