Bedroom Feng Shui Tips That Make You Sleep Better

Bedroom Feng Shui Tips That Make You Sleep Better

Bedroom Feng Shui Tips

Remember that the bedroom is a special room for resting, creating romance, and also relaxation (not for that matter). The bedroom will be the longest space we occupy for a day, we can spend more than eight hours there. To make you feel comfortable and get a better sleep time, you can try to optimize the flow of feng shui in it. Many are looking for tips to make feng shui flow better for the bedroom, but when you’re on one site with another you won’t get a definite answer to that! We have summarized some bedroom feng shui tips for creating a positive energy flow that will make you sleep better at night.

But before you start, it’s a good idea to quickly empty the energy breaking through the negativity of air in space. Try burning sage, palo santo, or cedar to absorb negative energy in your bedroom, this way the room will also get a new foundation to increase the stronger Chi inside. Let’s start with the optimization of the bedroom feng shui flow!

Bedroom Feng Shui Tips That Make You Sleep Better

Bedroom Feng Shui Tips That Make You Sleep Better
Bedroom Feng Shui Tips That Make You Sleep Better

Bedroom Feng Shui Tips To Choose an Appropriate Color Scheme
We already know that the choice of color will be a way to play with the atmosphere in a room, as well as in the existing feng shui colors can be an enhancer of sensuality and provide peace in the bedroom for a better night’s sleep. bedroom feng shui tips that can be used in a choice of colors is to use soft tones that exist in nature. The choices we like best are by color:

  • Pale White
  • Cream
  • Chocolate
  • Peach

For those of you who want a bedroom look with peach tones, make sure not to overdo it! This color is considered as a color that has too strong an appeal, is more attractive to someone, using it for the basic color in the bedroom in a divorce will invite more people, and more. This tone is best used to accent pillows, blankets, or other accessories.

Whereas the use of a pale white tone must also be considered because this tone is too cold and too sharp for the night. This color is like metallic white and has mental stimulation and does not make you sleep better.

Feng Shui Bedroom Rules

Bedroom Feng Shui Tips About  Layout
The next tip for bringing out a feng shui vibe is to create a harmonious impression and also relax by adjusting the layout in the room. This means that every use of furniture in the bedroom must be considered, especially for the bed! Make sure the bed is in the right command position. Placing the bed in a suitable area and allowing you to see the door when lying down, and sitting while on it. Placement of the bed on the same wall as the door in feng shui is considered a threat position.

And as for the bed itself, you must have a headrest. Headrests in feng shui are often interpreted as support for a better life. Which means you should choose a headrest that are really strong (meaning you have strong life support too).

Install Each Item
In feng shui, the installation of various items means a space that has a lot of love and affection. For this reason, we recommend that you have a partner for the various items in it. As well as

  • A pair of nightstands
  • A pair of matching pillows
  • A Pair of Chairs
  • A pair of wall lamps

Bedroom Feng Shui Tips To Use Accessories That Improve Sense Health
To create a completely comfortable bedroom, it’s a good idea to have a look at the Bagua map! Because the Bagua map will provide an attraction for positive energy into the room. For example, if the bedroom is used with a family with a health area then you must have wooden elements in combination with green and blue tones to reinforce this element. That is why using the Bagua map is so important in building space-based on feng shui, and don’t forget the accessories that enhance the senses such as:

  • Touch: For the bedroom, it’s a good idea to consider using soft, inviting fabrics. Material choices that can be considered include velvet, satin, and Egyptian cotton for sheets, pillow, and curtains. These ingredients will provide a comfortable and soft feeling to the skin.
  • Vision: To enhance your sense of comfort you can add accents with refreshing green or blue tones. However, the choice of pink, orange, and red can be an option to play your emotions (make sure to use in moderate amounts).
  • Sound: In the bedroom, serenity is everything, to make you sleep better using soft tones or to minimize sounds from outside the room can be done with sound-soaking materials.
  • Taste: To keep you from going to the kitchen to get a glass of water, at least you should have a glass of water by the bed (or a bottle of water is better).
  • Smell: You can consider using essential oils or using therapeutic scented candles, in addition to making the bedroom more essential, these scents also make you sleep better every night.

Items to Avoid When Improving Bedroom Feng Shui:

  • Technology: For this era, many of us often put the screen forward of everything! And this should be completely avoided in the bedroom area. bedroom feng shui tips by avoiding the use of technology in the break room will allow you to sleep better without interference from the outside world (electronics).
  • Mirror: In feng shui, the use of a mirror in the bedroom is believed to bring people when in a relationship. And the reflectivity of the mirror is considered as one of the properties that will reflect energy around the space and make it difficult for space users to sleep (very different from small space optimization huh?)
  • Painting on the bed: Painting on your bed is considered as an item that will give a reflection of the energy that is too heavy and burdensome to sleep. Instead of using paintings, you can replace them with lighter decorative rugs with a flow of more inviting patterns.
  • Using a Nightstands with a Sharp Angle: Choosing a nightstand must be sturdy but not too strong! The use of nightstands in feng shui is better with a round shape and lower and far enough away from your head.
  • Selling Big Furniture: Keep big, tall furniture in your bedroom area, furniture like this one gives a threatening impression when you are lying down. And get rid of the bookshelves (if you have one), but if you have to read before bed leaving a reading or two on the nightstand is better than a shelf or a stack of books.
  • Minimize Plants: In feng shui plants have a good energy flow (but to some extent), when you have too many plants in your bedroom you get too strong a shower of energy and mess up the night’s sleep!
  • Water: bedroom feng shui tips that shouldn’t be forgotten is to minimize the water features in the bedroom. You cannot include pictures of fountains, waterways, rivers, etc. (however, a bottle of water is an exception).
  • Clutter: The last one is the chaos to ensure the flow of energy can be optimally you get, make sure to organize all the time, especially in the area under the bed. The area under the bed is an area that is often used for space storage, but in feng shui, this should not be done.

So, the bedroom feng shui tips above are a summary of some of the experts that I have researched. And hope these tips help you to sleep better every night, have a try!

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