Bedroom Lighting Guide You Need to Know

The bedroom is a room that must have a level of comfort to restore energy and also the mind after a day of work and doing various activities. Basically, when we sleep in a darker room, it will be better to replenish our energy. However, we also use the bedroom for several other activities such as reading, dressing up, and others.
The bedroom becomes a really busy room even for daytime hours. And in addition to sleep we will also need sufficient lighting, but what about good lighting for the bedroom? How much light do you need? Here’s a bedroom lighting guide for you.

Bedroom Lighting Guide You Need to Know

Bedroom Lighting Guide
This lighting is a source light that is most often encountered in any bedroom, flush-mounted resting on the ceiling with a bulb covered with decorative glass or in the form of a plastic bowl. Flush-mounted is the most needed lighting for bedrooms with minimalist to moderate scale. Flush-Mounts also come in a variety of simple styles or with metal trim or tops, kava prints, and various shapes that attract attention.
Semi Flush-Mount
This is a popular bedroom lighting option, this lighting has similarities with Flush-mount but they have a mounting that drops a few inches. Semi-Flush-Mount also has a wide selection of styles for you to choose with a very large number of designs. Semi FLush-mount is also often used in other rooms in the house such as the living room. The open and shiny look makes them a favorite choice in the living room.
  • This lighting is a good choice for rooms with a size of 10 feet or more.
  • Use lamps with a size that suits the scale of the room.
  • The addition of a dimmer is recommended to increase comfort.
For lighting this is a choice with a trendy look and is often the dream of homeowners, pedant is also a more versatile choice for displaying spark in the decoration in your bedroom and dreaming in contemporary style rooms.
  • Installation of Pedant will be better when the bedroom has a height as high as 10 feet or more
  • The use of pedant can be placed next to the bed at the top of the nightstand.
  • For general lighting purposes, you can position the lamp above your bed.
  • Hanger’s pedant in the bedroom will have a more elegant impression compared to the hangers in your entrance area.
  • Pay attention to your selection, clear glass or a design that is too open can eliminate your comfort.
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This is the most formal choice of lighting for your bedroom, the chandelier will provide additional traction, dramatic impression, and also elegance in the room. Chandeliers placed in the bedroom tend to have smaller shapes and sizes to match the size of the room and also the style in the room. You can invest funds to bring home a chandelier with a slimmer shape, a chandelier is also an option with a touch of contemporary and minimalist style.
  • To bring a chandelier into the bedroom, make sure you have a room with a higher ceiling.
  • Hanging lights in the bedroom become a room balancing option
  • The chandelier is a choice with many variations with the intensity of the light. And for the bedroom, a chandelier will be better with moderate lighting that is diffused.
  • Make sure the hanger in the middle of the room for maximum results
  • Hanging lamps can be an option to determine the room.
Hidden lighting
These lights are also often referred to as can lighting, pot lights, or downlights. Even using this lighting in the bedroom will give a contemporary impression in your room. For large scale rooms, recessed lights will work better when combined with some other lighting. This lamp is a good choice when you have a high ceiling because it will display a ceiling illusion that is lower than it really is.
  • You must position the lights that surround the room
  • The use of a dimmer is a must for this lighting
  • Hidden lights can be decisive in the reading area
Wall Sconces
This screen is a good choice for bedrooms with a variety of styles available and with bedside mounting. Wall Sconces are lights with a variety of choices from contemporary to rural to choose from.
  • Using this lamp instead of a bedside lamp will save space in the nightstand, and make the bedside table tidier.
  • Wall Scone with swing arm will allow you to position the light in the area you need.
  • Installation of Wall Sconces that are closer to the bed will facilitate you in reaching it
  • Sconce with a lid will protect the eyes from the glare produced.
Floor lamp
A floor lamp will provide more light for your bedroom, this lamp rests on the floor with a height of approximately 3-6 feet with a lamp style that can be said to be unlimited. That makes it easy for you to match a variety of styles in your room. If the bedroom is complete with a ceiling fixture, then you can bring in the one-floor lamp in a minimalist bedroom, and two in a larger room.

  • For beds that are not divided, then you can save space by using a floor lamp to replace the lights on your nightstand.
  • Use lights to create a reading corner in the bed area
  • Lights with adjustable heads make it easier to direct the light to the area you need
  • If you have the intention of a floor lamp as a bedside lamp, make sure the lamp can be curved to get the focus of the lighting.
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Bed Side Lights
In fact, every bedroom needs additional light beside the bed. Yes at least for lighting when you play mobile before going to sleep. The most suitable light for this is a table lamp although floor lamps, sconces, and hanging can also provide this feature. But the table lamp is the most practical choice.

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