Benefits of Using Indoor Plants in the Home Office

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Home Office For those who work at home certainly leave a comfortable, fresh, focused area and increase productivity right? However, have you ever thought that plants in the work area have a surprising effect to increase your productivity? So what are the benefits of using plants in the home office?
Maybe it’s not just us who keep on connecting to nature. Even when we are working in a room, we still want to stay connected with the nuances of nature. But, can you stay connected to nature when working in a home office? In fact, the workspace is a limiting relationship with the natural environment. A study shows that green plants have a positive impact on workers. And this also works for those who have offices at home, here are some benefits of having plants in your work area!

Indoor Plants in the Home Office

Indoor Plants in the Home Office
Into Items That Reduce Stress
It cannot be denied anymore, the use of ornamental plants will reduce the stress level of office workers. In a 2010 study by the University of New Technology in Sydney stated that using ornamental plants would be a way to reduce stress levels, tension levels, and also anxiety. Even its use will also make space users feel more relaxed and refreshed.
Even the good news is the use of one plant in each workspace will provide additional enthusiasm, provide additional freshness, and also provide increased performance for space users. In addition, the green color displayed by plants will give a more relaxed and calming impression.
Increased productivity
In addition to minimizing existing stress levels, the use of ornamental plants in the workspace will provide a level of productivity. Even when you only use one in the room, plants will increase memory retention and provide a noticeable surge in performance.
The idea of ​​placing plants in office space is to place them in an area that everyone can enjoy in the room. However, news for those who work at home because they will have flexibility in the placement of plants and enjoy as they pleased.
Minimizing contracting diseases
A work environment that has a natural element will provide a higher level of welfare up to 17% and a level of productivity that increases up to 7% than the staff who do not have work areas with natural elements. In addition, using plants in the work area will reduce the risk of contracting building syndrome. Using plants in the work area has a positive impact on the psychology of space users and has a positive influence on health conditions as well.
Make space more interesting
Decorating a room with a natural theme will make space users feel more comfortable and have the impression of a more refreshing space. Even when you are a home worker who often finds clients visiting, placing plants on the table will be even better.
Become an air purifier
Humans like the fresh air that plants give, and plants like carbon dioxide that humans throw away. So what do you think? this is a mutually beneficial combination for both parties, isn’t it? Carbon dioxide obtained by plants will be one of the factors that help plants to carry out photosynthesis.
With plants in the work area, you will get a level of productivity. Isn’t this what homeworkers are always looking for? Productivity! Yes, of course, productivity will be difficult to obtain when you work in the most comfortable area at home. So try using ornamental plants to increase your productivity.

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