Best Bedroom Light Fixture Options

Best Bedroom Light Fixture Options for Maximum Result

Best Bedroom Light Fixture

Talking about how long we sleep in our lifetime? Means that we will spend 1/3 of our lifetime sleeping and in bed. When darker bunk beds are a better choice on this premise why many homeowners keep their rooms dim (poorly lit). However, are you sure that your bedroom only focuses on sleeping? what about reading, doing make-up, doing homework, office work to take home? Basically, the lighting in the bedroom will not be optimal if it depends on an overhead only. Best bedroom light fixtures can be found from a variety of light sources from ceilings, desks, and even a pair of wall sconces.

To create a more comfortable and calming bedroom feel, this best bedroom light fixture option will help you. Make sure to use at least 3 lighting fixtures to light up your bedroom. Create a charming romance not just for sleeping at night!

Best Bedroom Light Fixture Options

Best Bedroom Light Fixture Options
Best Bedroom Light Fixture Options

1. Flush-mounted
What homeowners often use for bedroom lighting fixtures is the overhead lighting option. This type of lighting will be on the ceiling with a light bulb covered with decorative glass or a plastic bowl cover. The flush-mount option is the most popular for a variety of bedroom sizes. Various views also come from this one type; they will make it easier for you to choose lights that complement your space style. Options such as metal trim, printed glass, or various unique shapes can be a favorite idea for your room.

  • When you choose these lighting fixtures, they will look better in ceiling heights of about 9 feet or less.
  • Minimize glare from lights by using a lighting fixture with a closed base
  • Options with frosted glass or marble are the best as they provide dramatic lighting to your space.
  • If possible, you can use the flush-mount which has control on the remote for easy switching on and off!

2. Semi Flush-Mount
This one is also a no less flush-mount option, they have almost the same appearance as the flush-mount but with a look that drops a few inches with the short stem. They often have decorative medallions on the plinth on the ceiling. It comes in a variety of styles that attract attention, but this one lighting often comes in a better style for spaces other than bedrooms. The clear glass look, open plinth, and glossy finish make them a completely attractive choice for the patio or living room area, although they can be used in a bedroom, they are often too bright for them.

  • If you have a room with a ceiling height of more than 10 feet, they are a good choice
  • Make sure to use a light-scale that is balanced with the bedroom scale

3. Best Bedroom Light Fixture With Pedant
This lamp has a variety of displays with a hanger on a chain or a long rod. The best bedroom light fixture with a pendant is a very trendy idea today. In addition to providing lighting in the bedroom, the choice of pendants in an elegant style will be a way to improve the quality of the bedroom.

  • Pedant hangers work best when you have a ceiling of 10 feet or more
  • The placement on the bedside has an elegant impression and changes your nightstand
  • For those who use it as general lighting in the bedroom, positioning the area near the bottom of the bed to the center of the room is a good choice.

4. Chandeliers
If you want a formal look for ceiling lighting, then the choice of chandeliers is a great idea to add extra luxury, drama, and distraction to your space. Although the choice of large chandeliers cannot be found for the bedroom, a smaller size can still be a charming option for your room. Chandeliers also come in a variety of style options such as cottage, Tuscan, Art Deco, Romantic, and even traditional. For the bedroom, be sure to use a chandelier with a sleek look, with a minimalist or contemporary finish.

  • If you want to use a chandelier, make sure it has a high enough ceiling
  • The choice of chandeliers in the bedroom is a way to balance space
  • The Chandelier has a wide range of lighting-intensive options, moderate-intensity options – dim is a good choice for a bedroom
  • To hang a chandelier, be sure to place it in the middle of the room or at least 1/3 of the bottom of the bed.

5. Hidden Lighting
Its use is the best bedroom light fixture for a contemporary look! In a large room, this lamp option is a good idea when combined with other existing ceiling fixtures. These lightings are excellent in a variety of room heights; they also give the illusion of a space that is taller than it really is.

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  • For medium-sized rooms, you can use this lighting within 3-5 feet, and 4-8 feet is most common in bedrooms
  • Placement is best around the space, and if you have enough space creating an additional row is a very good idea
  • The use of a dimmer is a must to enhance the look and style of the dressing in the bedroom

6. Tracking Lighting
This lamp is a spotlight attached to a metal track on the ceiling or wall that often highlights a wall art or accent in a bedroom. This lighting is not an option that is often used in bedrooms but is still the best bedroom light fixture to highlight the special features of the bedroom.

  • Track lighting is an excellent idea for a minimalist or contemporary style room with a bedroom with high ceilings
  • There are many choices of styles that can be obtained from chandeliers, cans, as well as traditional looks

7. Best Bedroom Light Fixture With Wall Sconces
For those of you who want to highlight wall art in the bedroom, the choice of a pair of wall sconces is the best bedroom light fixture! Using a pair of wall sconces with arms will free the nightstand from the lamp and make it even more open.

  • Using wall sconces with sleeves is a great way to save space on the nightstand
  • With the swing arm, you can adjust where the lighting will be emitted.
  • Make sure to get the sconces that are close enough to make it easier to reach and adjust the lighting

8. Bedside lamps
The use of a nightstand lamp is the most sensible idea for task lighting over the bed. This lamp is really practical which adds a stronger impression in the bedroom.

  • With the use of this lamp, you can have better lighting for reading from the bed
  • Choose a lamp that is balanced with the size of your nightstand for space balance

To get the Best bedroom light fixture, at least bring 2-3 lighting for the bedroom, the choice of fixtures for the room can be based on space size and needs in the room! Everyone can get different bedroom lighting depending on how to use the bedroom!

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