Best Choice of Low Maintenance Indoor Plants

Every human being is born with the ability to care for green plants. However, there are also some who cannot maintain the greenery they have. And maybe you are one of those who can’t keep plants green.
This is the right time to choose your plants, with ease in the care of others. With the selection of low-maintenance plants, now you will feel how successful the success of indoor plants. Here we have recommendations from indoor plants with easy maintenance.

Best Choice of Low Maintenance Indoor Plants

Best Choice of Low Maintenance Indoor Plants
Philodendron is a plant with a more exotic and tropical look to your room, they also become one of the plants with ease in care and grow charming in the room. Philodendron has a variety of varieties, shapes, and sizes that will allow you to make choices in accordance with the space in your home.
Philodendron only requires occasional watering and this is really only once a week. Philodendrons are flushed more than once a week they might die. This plant is really a good choice for those of you who don’t like to approach plants every day. Philodendrons also don’t like direct sunlight, they prefer shady places for their growth.
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Calathea is a plant known by various names with a very attractive leaf appearance. They are also often known as the Zebra Plant, Peacock and Rattlesnake Plant.
The name of them depends on how you know them, planting is also an easy choice in care. With watering once a week, do not like the splash of direct light. And has the appearance of leaves with pink, purple and red.
Peace Lily
Peaceful lily becomes a plant that will make your sense of sensitivity grow! You will know when to water them with a sign of their leaves. Lily Damai will show the leaves that look injured and this will be the best time to give them water. Peaceful lily becomes a plant that is very easy to care for and very enjoyable because when you finish watering it the leaves will begin to smile again.
Besides being easy to maintain, this leaf is a good cleaning agent for toxins in the air. You can place these flowers to make clean air in your room with minimal light placement, and some types of flowers will grow taller by up to 6 feet.
Mother-in-Law’s Tongue
Maybe some of you don’t believe that these plants prefer when you don’t pay attention to them? This is a very good choice for those of you who want freshness in the house even without routine maintenance. Mother-in-Law’s Tongue can last up to a month without being watered!
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Mother-in-Law’s Tongue with upright stiff leaves has a variety of colors and types. And you don’t need watering until it is completely dry.
Aloe vera
Aloe Vera is a plant that you need when you don’t like a variety of unpleasant trinkets. Even tongue costs are plants that don’t need much care. They only need a water bath every two weeks to keep them fresh and fertile. They also help burns when you cook.

Yes maybe some people prefer plants without maintenance, and maybe this also includes you. So artificial plants are the answer for you. This gives the impression of green in your space without care, but not with the freshness that exists.

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