Best Trick To Choose Rug For Living Room

The rugs Area is the most mysterious area in any living room. This area is a strong statement area there, but for the use of the wrong rugs area, it can create awkward and unpleasant looks. In addition to choosing the type of material, color, and texture, it will determine how the carpet will work in your room. The choice of area carpet has 3 important elements to enhance the function and appearance in your room.
To get the best look from the use of rugs, read on, and get the best rugs for your living room!

Choose Rug For Living Room

Rug For Living Room
1. Color Options
The most important factor in choosing a rug for the living room is the color! The color will be a factor that will determine how the atmosphere in the room. The choice of color in the carpet can be based on the colors that already exist in the living room when you have a lot of colors and patterns in the living room the use of neutral colors for carpets is a good choice for room complement.
However, the use of carpets with motifs that have many patterns can be an option that provides an additional atmosphere in your living room. When bringing a carpet into the living room, the carpet can be classified as one of your furniture dai! So make sure you take into account the use of tones in the living room, from the tones on the walls, floors, and also the final touches of your choice of rugs!

When you take the courage to use rugs with the right display motifs and bright colors they can be an option that will add value to your space!

2. Size of  Rugs
The most common mistake in choosing living room rugs is when the homeowner incorrectly determines the size of their rugs. The selection of the most reasonable size for rugs are rugs that are large enough and are able to accommodate furniture in the room. Make sure all the furniture in the living room can stop over the rugs properly, at least one of the front legs of the furniture is above your rugs! This trick will allow your feet to feel the warmth of the rugs when sitting on the couch!
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Also, make sure when you pull the chair, the chair stays in your rugs. A good choice coming in a square room will look great for rugs in a square or round shape. And for rooms with rectangular shapes, the choice of rectangular rugs can be a good choice for your room.
3. Texture
The texture is a rugs selection factor that is often left behind when choosing rugs for the living room. However, the fact is the use of texture in the room will give the impression of a more gauze and also layered. When you start the selection with texture for rugs then, you indirectly also provide additional atmosphere and layers in the living room.
To get a good texture for the living room, pay attention to the furniture in your room. Fusion contrast and texture of the living room and rugs will give a truly rich look indoors. We love velvet rugs to provide an extra soft area in the room. And for the use of leather sofas, it will look more attractive with the use of long and thicker rugs.
When choosing living room rugs, make sure you pay attention to who will use them! Thick rugs can be a problem for users such as parents and children. Rugs with thick stacks can stumble and may require extra care! 

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