Living Room Wall Art

Choice of Living Room Wall Art To Enhance The Appearance

Living Room Wall Art

Wall art, artwork, and paintings can be described as sweeteners for a room. Wall art is an item that has appeal, unifies space, and makes your room more attractive. Living room wall art comes in a variety of looks and styles, when it comes to choosing wall art this is not an easy project to go through!

Indeed, there are no specific rules in choosing a wall decoration, but by following the selection basics below, you can get a living room wall art with the perfect appearance and can balance the space. Here are some basic tricks for selecting living room wall art.

The Most Effective Tips In Choosing Living Room Wall Art

Living Room Wall Art
Living Room Wall Art

When it comes to choosing wall art, we will not find any special rules in its selection. One thing that you really need to pay attention to in choosing a living room wall art is to determine the theme and atmosphere like what you want. Wall art has a purpose to enhance the appearance and balance the atmosphere in the living room, not just sticking to the wall. It is your home, your design, your style so nothing can stop you from bringing in wall art so consider:

1. Choice of Wall Art Based on Size
Size is an important benchmark in choosing wall art in any space, one of the most common mistakes in choosing wall art is when the user of the room doesn’t consider the size! It’s too soon to jump to conclusions and determine measurements that will mess things up.

When bringing in a wall decoration that is the wrong size too big will make the space inedible by the wall decoration itself, and when bringing in a wall decoration that is too small they will sink into it. This is the reason why considering size is at the top of the list when choosing wall art.

  1. Size Too Big: Usually, this wall decoration will have a size of more than 100cm, and when you want to use this wall decoration you need to see if the room is big enough to accommodate it. This wall decoration is suitable for use as a focal point in the living room.
  2. Large: For these wall hangings, they will usually be 80-100cm in size. Using a large type of wall decoration will work better when you add a pair of wall art on either side.
  3. Medium: In this category, wall art will be 60-75cm in size. They can come in multiple pieces or even stand alone.
  4. Small: A small type of wall decoration is optional with sizes 40-55cm. They are like little wall art in pairs (usually in 3-6 items).

Considerations in choosing a living room wall art:

  • When you use a picture as a wall decoration, make sure it doesn’t exceed 2/3 the size of the sofa
  • Make sure that when you hang your photos, at least the frame is above the edge of the furniture (15cm)
  • When trying to decorate a large wall with small wall art, be sure to create an art gallery.

Choice Based on Style
When faced with choosing a living room wall decoration, choosing based on style is the most sensible idea. Wall art with a stylistic basis is a choice based on personal taste and perception. This choice can be based on the focus on the level of harmony of the space, the shape is elegant, the appearance based on style, and even contrast.

  • Decide on items that really fit the style in the living room
  • Get an item large enough with strong durability to keep decorating your living room for years to come
  • Using a set, trio, or collection of wall art will work great for your space
  • Contrasting frames will enhance the appearance of your space
  • A mix of ingredients for pressing force works

Choose By Color
When choosing wall art for any room size, you won’t be limited by color choices! The use of color for wall art can be based on the concept of what is in the space, or you can choose a contrasting color to draw attention to your wall art.

Select according to the room theme
Of course, every house has its own style which will be a consideration for choosing the next living room wall art. Even when you sell a house, potential buyers will consider the themes in it. Is it related? Or just an untied look?

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Living Room Wall Art On An Open Floor Plan
In this era, you will find more and more homeowners decorating their spaces using open floor plan views, and this will make your wall art choices even more difficult! When you have this room, the thing to remember in choosing wall art is to define the space.

Create a cohesive look at any space with your wall art!

Determining living room wall art will really change the appearance of your room. By using wall art, you will make the space charming, attract attention, and also enhance your personal style!

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