Choosing Minimalist Kitchen Colors To Make Look Larger

Using color in every room in the house will make the house more colorful and more lively. Using the paint properly will make your room feel more luxurious and grand, paint is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to provide changes in the room scheme, and not there is something easier in giving the impression of a minimalist kitchen. Minimalist style kitchen will give you a number of limited renovation options and provide several color choices that will make your kitchen have a broader impression. Careful use of color and thinking about the effects of lighting will make your room scheme visually wider.

Choosing Minimalist Kitchen Colors To Make Look Larger

Choosing Minimalist Kitchen Colors To Make Look Larger

Give the dominance of neutral colors in the room
If you use a minimalist style kitchen in your home, neutral and white colors will be the best option in building your room. White paint will easily reflect the natural light that comes and spreads to each side of the room, making the walls feel wider, and increasing the impression in the room. When white is made as a color that rests on the wall, table, ceiling, and ceiling, this color will make the room cohesive with borders to provide a border on the eyes.

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To make the room not boring with too white on each side, you can use white in a different tone or by adding some texture to the fabric or upholstery for your wall. By using a paint hue that has a slight difference, you will be able to highlight the area of your hidden panel cabinet and give interest to your room without making an impression of fading in it.

Your Cabinet Color
Using a wood cabinet with dark tones for a minimalist kitchen will give the impression of a narrow, cramped, and oppressive space. However, what if you change the dark color in your wooden cabinet and replace it with a burst of color that is a little more regal? Cabinets, become one of the main furniture that will shape your kitchen. So they will dominate the area in your kitchen when you give the cabinet a brighter color, your kitchen will become wider by painting your cabinet with a brighter tone. Cabinets with stains and varnishes will require a little preparation, but by painting your cabinet with a brighter tone you will give a new impression to your cabinet. The use of veneers for cabinets that have bad conditions, veneers will be an option in making your broken cabinet look new.

Choose Your Color
In making a room more valuable, considering choosing a woman for the room is a must. Make the room more luxurious with existing colors you can try using the following trick:

  • Give bright colors in your kitchen; in making the room more luxurious and charming, you can use color lines for accents that you didn’t think of before such as sills and inside shelves. When you combine a sharp touch of color with walls with bright tones, you will get a kitchen with a broad impression that attracts attention.
  • Accent Wall; Don’t be afraid of striking colors. Striking colors will make your room deeper and more dramatic. The dark colors will make your walls recede and make the room more visually memorable.
  • The same tone as the wall and trim; Use the same tone for the trim and your wall, when you don’t get a gap for the trim you can use the same color tone as the wall. This method will give an illusion to your higher ceiling. And this way is really tricking the eyes because you will see a room that is wider than it really is.
  • Contrast; When you enter colors for walls, countertops, cabinets, and shelves you can use different tones with your walls but still pay attention to the contrast in your room! Don’t make too much contrast in it. For this, you need to visit the “color family” and determine the color that will suit your room with the aim of making the room look more spacious and charming. If you use too much contrast for the room, you will make your room have a limit for the eyes and stop the visibility of the room.

  • The ceiling; The trend in painting the ceiling is to give color to your ceiling. However, this will not work for the ceiling in a minimalist style kitchen! Minimalist style kitchen is recommended to use white for your ceiling because this way will make the kitchen look brighter and make your ceiling taller and more spacious room.
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Bring in the natural light!
No one does not know that natural light will make the room more spacious and spacious. When you want a minimalist room with a broader impression, you can use light as an intermediary in your room to make the room more spacious. Optimize your lighting by choosing window treatments and using curtains that will make your windows more attractive. Sheets with a thin cloth will have a dramatic effect on your room and still allow it to insert the light into the room and maintain your privacy.

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