Choosing Your Under Cabinet Lighting

The kitchen becomes a room that has a high level of traffic with all the decorations in it, as well as lighting in the kitchen. The kitchen will have a variety of lighting that will make you more comfortable in your kitchen. Maybe you have crossed your mind to give additional lights to the area under your cabinet? The lamp is a good design to facilitate your every work, lighting will make it easier for you to see and do various activities more easily. Like making salads, making dough, looking for spoons and finding seasonings for cooking.
For an area under the cabinet, or above the lamp countertops, a design should be there, and you will even get more ways to place your lights. So what works best for your room?

Choosing Your Under Cabinet Lighting

Fluorescent Strip
Using a fluorescent tube under the cabinet is a popular choice. This is a good choice with the ease of finding the item you are looking for and the light and color do not affect the search. Fluorescent lamps are the most common installation in every corner of a cabinet with a wall. This installation is a good way to keep it maintained because of the thick and fragile installation that is far from the counter and people who work will make it more durable. However, the light that comes also comes from the other side of your work area.
This lamp will be on the counter surface which will reflect light, and lead to certain areas. The following can be learned from Neon lights:
  • The fixture requires that you install on the front edge of the wall cabinet and allow light in the intended area.
  • Give a light that is not blinding.
  • Small and lightweight equipment.
  • Sturdy
  • The fixture must be easy to install.
Characteristics of neon strips:
  • The use of lights under the cabinet must be cold. This is not from the color temperature, but the amount of heat from the lamp.

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Round Lights
This lamp has two types available namely halogen or Xeon. Xeon bulbs do not have filaments that make them last longer than halogen bulbs. This bulb provides a whiter light that shines, being an option that will help visibility and also produce a glare that will burn halogen lights. For those of you who are trying to use xenon lamps, you should do a check on the equipment to find out how hot it will affect the area under the wall cabinet in your kitchen.
  • The design of the lamp is more attractive
  • Strong
  • Easy installation with wire
  • Heat on the lamp, especially for xenon lamps.
  • This lamp will not have even lighting.
  • For those of you who want uniform lighting, you must install them in several areas.
Thin Fluorescent Strips
This is the successor to yesterday’s great equipment. The slim neon kit is small enough and light enough to be mounted in front of the cabinet just behind the face frame. They are also directed so that they can be mounted to throw their light down and towards the wall, not back into the room.
  • Thin neon strips are more attractive than old models.
  • Most fluorescent tube fixtures with a fairly sturdy cover.
  • Most of this equipment is relatively easy to install.
  • Some fluorescent tube fixtures can be assembled to create very even lighting.
  • It might be expensive enough to add enough to provide even lighting.
  • Since this is a neon light, be sure to get the right color of light before installing it.
LED package
There are many variations on lamps that have the appearance o 
  • Requires separate resources
  • Your choice of light before paying.
LED Strap or Ribbon
This lamp is a choice of thin lights that can disguise its appearance. lights that can disguise its situation in corners, between frames, d under the cabinet rack. These lights are not often seen, but because they have rolls that go on and on, they will provide continuous light for your room.
  • Can be disguised
  • Sturdy
  • Lighting evenly
  • Cheap
  • Become an option for additional light
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  • Requires separate resources
  • Less lighting

To get lighting under a good cabin, you who have good general lighting and are spread evenly at the counter, using an LED or ribbon is an economical choice. On the table requires bright and even light like a neong tube.

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