Comfortable Living Room Floor Decorating Ideas According to Pro

The floor is the most extensive part of the house, the floor becomes an element that will have a big influence on decorating in any room. Believe it or not, the floor will determine the elegance of your room. Even for the living room, the room where your guests stop and chat is a room that you really should pay attention to! Thus, the choice of floor type will be the determinant for the appearance of your living room. For this reason, we write the types of floors recommended by professionals to create a more stylish and comfortable living room for you. Here we summarize the idea of a living room floor that is often used by professional designers.

Comfortable Living Room Floor Decorating Ideas According to Pro

Comfortable Living Room Floor Decorating Ideas According to Pro

Play Floor Patterns
One of the easiest and quickest ways to make the impression of a bigger floor is to use a carpet for the focal point area in your room. The use of patterns on a small scale gives your room a broader impression than the original, carefully chosen lines will give an extraordinary effect to your room and make it visually larger. Patterned carpets will provide durability and support for the room and are the perfect choice for areas with small children and your pets.

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The size and texture of the carpet
In choosing a good carpet for the living room, make sure that the carpet you choose has a size that is large enough and allows all your furniture to stop over on your carpet (Chair, Sofa, table). In addition to allowing furniture to occupy, choose a carpet with a thickness that is thick enough and soft to provide comfort when you occupy your carpet. Size and texture are factors in choosing the quality of your carpet. Because flat and thin carpet is never liked by homeowners.

Herringbone floor
This wooden floor is never out of date! The wooden floor that gives a classic atmosphere in the living room is very preferred by homeowners especially when a more modern chevron pattern appears and gives its own charm into the room. Large scale rooms will give a more dramatic and dramatic impression when you use this wood. By using this wood, you will get a unique, elegant, and dramatic impression at the same time.

Friendly For Children
Decorating a room for a family room? Definitely not free from security for our children. In your family room, you and your family will play with each other and joke with each other, it is not impossible if an accident occurs when playing. So make sure how you provide a comfortable and safe area for your child! The choice of a durable and durable carpet is a must. Ensure the safety of your child when they run and lie there! However, do not leave the aesthetic in decorating the room because it is important to build your room.

Using carpets made from Burlap is a choice that will suit every style in any living room and this rug has a natural, casual texture perfectly suited to every type of furniture in the “Formal-Casual” living room area. Hemp carpets have a softer texture than sisal, to show off the softness of your carpet for your guests to take off their footwear and let their feet feel the softness of your carpet.

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Statement Area
Create a statement area in your room by using a thick carpet and covering your floor with a color scheme that can unite your room. This method becomes a very great trick in making the room scheme more colorful without having to master your room.

Carpet upholstered
Remember the carpet with a small size will give the impression of your room smaller and narrower, so use a carpet with a wide size and allow your furniture to stop in your carpet area. However, if you want an antique carpet with a small size. You can use your antique carpet on the main carpet, this method can make the room more centralized into an area that you create.

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