Common Mistakes of Caring for Indoor Plants

Indoor Plants

Nothing can beat the freshness of indoor plants, besides refreshing indoor plants is also a trend for pleasant interiors. In fact, you will find more ways to enter plants in the house from how to turn a room into a cool tropical forest or make a splash of color from an existing flower.
Indoor plants can look very good when displayed in a shop, but no matter how good your plants are when not treated they will wither and be damaged. In fact, many homeowners find that their plants wither more quickly even if they do regular watering. What exactly is the mistake of caring for indoor plants? To get more information about common mistakes in indoor plant care, scroll and know your mistakes.

Mistakes Indoor Plants

Flush Too Often
Basically, indoor plants are completely different from your outdoor plants. One common mistake is over-watering the plants. In fact, indoor plants are different types of plants that have different treatments and many of the indoor plants prefer water that is not much (excessive). All indoor plants have their own characteristics, and you must know it. Like ferns that will flourish in damp areas and as a thorough watering, but there are also those who only need watering when the soil is really dry.
Maybe you have established the idea of ​​where to place plants, but the idea of ​​bringing indoor plants is not just about placement. However, how plants will develop and whether your placement can take care of the needs of them? Giving a full shower of sunlight can make plants damaged, even if you have an empty area in the room just putting it there won’t work!
What needs a clean area is not just your surface! However, indoor plants also need care to keep them fresh and alive. One of the cleanliness treatments for indoor plants is leaf hygiene (cutting dead or potentially dead leaves). Clean the dust that sticks to help plants to maximize the absorption of sunlight that shines.
Give food
What makes plants alive and fresh is not only from water and sunlight, but they are the same as humans who need food to stay alive and grow. Food from plants is fertilizer, and the most appropriate time to feed is when the growing season or usually in spring and summer.
However, pay attention to your feeding they also do not need excess food ingredients and make sure also the right fertilizer for them.
Lack of Water
When we talk of excessive water, this does not mean you have to reduce the supply of water or not even provide it. When homeowners give too much water they are wrong, but when not giving water the house owner is a plant-killing demon. Allowing the soil to dry completely is a fatal mistake because watering is best when the soil begins to dry. Not when the soil is completely dry.

Check and provide food once a week to get fertility from indoor plants!

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