Creative Ways to Choose Area Rugs in Every Room

Decorating a room becomes a job with extra creativity and extra thought. Decorating the room is not just making the room more sparkling and trendy, but how to make the room comfortable to live with your family and guests. In addition to decorating the floors and walls in our room, we will also be faced with how to make our floors more comfortable and warmer to walk on. Using carpets to complement the decoration in a room is an alternative to making the room more comfortable and comfortable. Next, we have some ideas to decorate a room using rugs. Next, we write the shape, material, and size of the carpet that can be an option for the dining room, living room, and also your room.
Creative Ways to Choose Area Rugs in Every Room
Creative Ways to Choose Area Rugs in Every Room
Traditional, The easiest and most practical way to choose and use traditional-style rugs is to take measurements in the seating area and choose a carpet that is almost the size of your seat. This method allows the legs of your furniture to be above the rugs and this way can make a uniform appearance for your furniture.
Modern, If you want the look of the carpet with a modern style you can try using a smaller carpet that has a size with the placement of furniture legs in front or feet not attached to the carpet.
Full size, You can experiment with using a carpet the size of your room, this method will make your room more modern and trendy. You can take measurements of the room and then choose a size that can allow all the legs of your furniture to lean on your carpet.
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Layering, This method will make a trendy look to your room. Covering a large carpet with a small carpet on it will make the sitting area and create a good visual impression. However, remember to use adhesive to ensure your carpet stays in its proper position.
The idea of choosing a carpet that fits the room in your home.
In addition to the type of carpet you also need to know how the carpet in your room can be very interesting to give a look that suits the function of the room.
Dining Room Carpet When you want to use the dining room carpet you can first take measurements for the length and width of your dining room table, then you can choose a carpet that has a width with 2 feet bigger on each side. This will make your dining room have enough room for the guest chair to sit comfortably on your carpet.
Kitchen Carpet The kitchen is the room with the highest traffic in your home, putting a carpet in front of the sink or stove can be a good choice to make the comfort of your foot, leg and lower back comfortable. When choosing carpet in the kitchen, you must pay attention to the distance for your space to give a distance of about inches from your closet. If you choose a rug that can’t hold a slip, you can prevent accidents using a carpet mat.
Bedroom Carpet When placing a carpet in your bedroom you can choose a carpet with an area that makes your bed a focal point for your room. Using a carpet that extends 2 feet to each side of the room will make your bedroom look more attractive.
You can also use runner rugs on each side of your bed, on the floor and also on existing rugs. This method is effective for making a soft and warm impression for your feet.
Carpet Shape
You can choose the shape for your carpet according to your taste, you can even use a shape other than rectangular shape for each existing space. The round-shaped carpet will be a trendy choice for every seat, aisle, and also for the entrance to your home. In addition to the round, you can also get a square shape carpet, runner, oval and also animal skin. Choice of carpet for your room according to your taste.
Color Options
To make the room more attractive with attractive colors you must determine the color that suits your room by using an existing color palette, you can use the 50-40-10 color selection rules. 50% for the color of the room that is the dominant color on the walls and scattered furniture. 40% with a secondary color or you can use 40% coloring for your carpets. And 10% of the rest for accent colors such as flower vases and lights in your room.
Carpet Motif
The choice of motifs for carpets can be a special attraction for your room. Before choosing your motives, you should consider your space. What about the walls and patterned furniture in your room? Do you have a wall with a unique pattern or furniture? If you have walls and furniture with their own patterns, you can choose carpets with subtle motifs. If your room is full of bright colors, using a carpet with a spontaneous pattern will provide additional life in your room.
Room Traffic
Before buying a carpet for your room, note how busy in your room how busy the traffic in your room. Selecting a low thickness can be an option for high traffic. This selection will make it easy to hide tracks. Patterns on carpets with busy traffic are also a good choice for your room because patterns can be an option in hiding stains. While the carpet with a high pile and soft will look good for the bedroom and sitting area.
Choosing Pads for Carpets
Using pads for carpets can keep your rug in the right place and avoid slipping.
  • In addition to preventing you from slipping on carpet pads it also provides other functions:
  • Reduces the impact of noisy feet
  • Suck up dust that is attached more easily
  • Make the floor surface smoother, and avoid scratches

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