Decorative Mirror Hanging Guide

Decorative Mirror

Decorative Mirror can be a versatile item for a room, you can use mirrors as accessories and they will also give a great look to each room. The reflected light will open the space, and make the room more pleasant and more spacious. However, hanging a mirror for a better look is not just hanging! There are a number of things to look for to get the best placement in your decorative mirror hangers. Here are some mirror hanging tips that you should know about.

Decorative Mirror

Decorative Mirror
Mirror Reflection
See the area around you! What’s there? When you hang a mirror on the wall, be sure to pay attention to the level of reflection that exists, and what will be reflected from your placement? What will you reflect from the mirror you have to think about, like in the dining room when you don’t put it right and get a reflection on a dirty plate what will happen? It won’t be easy to look at!
Hanging a mirror opposite a wall art can improve the appearance of your space, like a mirror that is opposite a painting, photo or furniture that is the focus of this space is a good placement idea for your space. Or hanging a mirror across the window can be a way to reflect the existing light and spread it to each side of the room.
To get the best results for a mirror, you must pay attention to the placement in the room. A good placement is a placement that will provide attraction and add visual value to the room, and the best height for a mirror is as high as the forehead (the top of the mirror). But the mirror hanger can vary depending on the situation and desired appearance.
Focal Point
Mirror in the room can be made as a good focal point! Not surprisingly, mirror placement is more often across or next to the focus of your space. Above the fireplace, at the buffet, flanked by two wall art. This is a simple way to display the focus of the space while displaying the function of the mirror.

The use of a large mirror or small will not disturb your room! A mirror that makes a more intimate impression into a room will help you make a small space look bigger, and maximize the look of your room. The use of a full-length mirror stand can be a good choice for minimalist spaces.

Mirror Style
To maximize the style in your space, mirrors also come with a variety of displays from modern, traditional, classic, and you can get all the styles for mirrors in your space. All can be obtained from existing frames. Copper mirror, mirror with wood, or other material? Existing frames will determine the style of the mirror you use.
True Mirror Hanger
just using a small nail for a mirror won’t work! You should at least use a hook to keep the mirror in place and flat against the wall. The wire on the hook can make sure the mirror is leaning against the wall properly, but for a heavy mirror, you have to be creative to overcome the weight.
Mirror Gallery
To show the best results for a mirror, you can hang several mirrors on one of your walls. The appearance of a collection of several mirrors will give better results for space, but its use will be more leverage in a room with a little clutter!

To make sure the decoration with mirrors works well, you must ensure your mirror selection and placement! Do not be afraid to use a mirror with large size because this will provide maximum reflection in your room.

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