Design Tips and Layout of Small Living Rooms Like a Pro

When decorating your room you will definitely get various challenges, and one of them is the living room which has a high level of complexity with plenty of time to design even when you have a minimalist scale living room! Wow, this is an extra challenge because we are required to keep this room comfortable and organized throughout the day. To get the balance in room decoration in a minimalist space, we will definitely try to make this minimal room into a room that feels spacious.
When decorating the room we will certainly continue to think about how to layout a good living room with Mabel selection, and where will we place it? To simplify your decorating steps, here we provide the best living room layout tips to maximize your space. Let’s get started…

Living Room Design

Living Room Design Anda Layout
Mirror and Wallpaper
For those of you who use a minimalist style room, the use of mirrors and wallpapers is a combination that we recommend. Create a focal point, add extra light, and add depth by using wallpaper that clings to the wall and hang a mirror there. When you give a mirror across the window, the mirror will work better to reflect the incoming light and give a greater impression to your minimalist room and even give the illusion of additional light.
Layout: You can bring in a love chair under your wallpaper and wedge it with a pair of tables and sidelights to make it more romantic. Use a large weaving ottoman to change the front desk or it can also be an extra chair in your living room. You can bring 2-4 chairs into the room.
Add Storage
Furniture with built-in storage is a good choice for dealing with clutter in the room. A trunk or Ottoman with carrying storage can be a substitute for a coffee table that will function better in a minimalist space. You can also try to bring in a small cupboard or credenza to be a console table that will provide additional storage options.
Small Scale Furniture
There are many choices of furniture for the living room, it’s not just about a full-size sofa or a large chair. There is more furniture that you can bring home from the store, consider bringing home furniture with a small scale to adjust the size in your room consider the choice of a small settee or a love chair.
Layout: The love seat can be the center in front of your window using a table maybe to flank it. Place a chair opposite the sofa, and luggage for the coffee table in the room.
When you have a minimalist room with high ceilings, you can make better use of it! You can keep the view of the guests up with the trick to provide a brighter color for your ceiling. When vertical space will not provide additional chairs, making your guests’ eyes toward the top can give the effect that the room feels bigger and more charming.
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The full-size sofa is not always good for every type of room, sometimes even this will mess up your room. You can try to bring in a slimmer love seat or a tiny sofa. You can choose a seat with clean lines with open legs to make it look more airiest.
Or bring in a sofa without a back can also be a good choice, in an open space layout, this sofa is a good furniture choice for the room (middle of the room). A backless sofa is an alternative to a minimalist style room in your home. Even when you remodel a house and make a room bigger, a sofa without a back can act as a room divider.

Multifunctional Furniture
There is nothing as good as using furniture with dual functions in a minimalist style room. Imagine a backrest that has the function of a coffee table and seating together, a side table that can be moved easily according to your desires or a small bench that can be an additional seat or an impromptu table. This is an alternative that makes the most sense to set a minimalist space.
Layout: You can try using a sleek armless sofa that floats away from the wall, a pair of large and low ottomans with dual functions for a coffee table or a seat.
Plants can be compared to as wallpaper or mirror in a room, plants become a way to provide additional depth into a minimalist living room. Green plants in the room will provide fresh air and be an option to make the room feel fresher.
Layout: You can place plants behind a chair or sofa, and also in a corner of the room.
Additional Storage
Don’t leave small furniture like bookshelves on one side, and this chest on the other side will eat up your room! To get a balance in storage, you should consider an area for storage. One side of the wall storage from floor to ceiling will be better for you and this is a wise choice.

One way to keep the layout with a minimalist style is to keep the room away from all the chaos that exists. At least bring in one or two wicker baskets to store messy items! This method will effectively make the room feel more spacious, because the clutter on the surface will take up a lot of space and make the impression of the room feel crowded.

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