Design Your Dream Living Room With This Trick

The living room becomes a very attractive space with various accessories and decorations in it. This also includes challenges in the design and decoration in the room, creating a functional space with comfort for families, and guests to spend time together is not a trivial matter. You have to really plan it!
When designing a living room this sometimes becomes a fun project but sometimes it’s also very annoying. Choosing a comfortable seat, this means going to a shop in the middle of the city and trying a few sofas and chairs there. Or maybe some homeowners prefer the addition of electronics with a TV in their living room, and this is also a consideration for you. When decorating the living room, make sure that the living room should be truly comfortable and pleasant as a room that reflects your personal style.

Dream Living Room

Design Your Dream Living Room
The Purpose of the Living Room
This is the first thing you should do when trying to design a living room. Determine the purpose of your living room! Will this room be a formal room for an event with invited guests, or will it be a relaxing room to pamper yourself after work? Determine the purpose of your living room and this will give you ease in designing the room.
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Living Room Style
For those of you who are trying to find a variety of style choices for the living room, you can visit Pinterest to get a variety of ideas to decorate each of your rooms. The style of the living room can vary from rural to modern style, all depending on how your personal style. When you have a place to get inspiration for a model room, this will make it easier for you to decorate.
The colors for each room will showcase your personal style and decorating style, but this does not mean you cannot experiment with entering colors in your living room. Like compilation:

  • Use decoration in the style of a farmhouse; So the colors that are suitable for your room are neutral brown, white, white, and also faded blue.
  • Medieval Decorations; in dark brown, green and yellow mustard notes.
  • Scandinavian; Gray, white and black.
  • French-style; Brown with medium white tones, and pale blue or red.
  • Beach Style; Turquoise blue tones, sea blue, and green.

To make it easier for you to choose colors, use a palette to determine the colors in the living room.

When you go to the store and get the couch you want, but if the couch becomes the living room then this will also be a nuisance and get rid of comfort. To get the comfort and convenience of you take measurements for the living room and this is a great way to prevent the purchase of furniture. This is not just a matter of the length and width of the living room, but also the size of the doors and windows. This will make it easier for you to get the most appropriate furniture to be placed in the room.

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The budget
This is a must for anyone when decorating the living room make sure you make a list of your design budget. Maybe this will never be right in planning. However, grouping a budget aside is a good way to plan financially for your room. Which means you don’t have to have it all at one time unless you really need it. The living room is indeed a room for performance with a variety of decorations available, but make sure everything in the room must be functional.

Living room furniture
When you are done with the list with the goals, style, size, and budget for this room, it’s time to go to a more pleasant stage by shopping for furniture and decorating …

  • We start with Sofa; When you go to the store and start shopping, it helps to start from choosing a sofa for your living room. The sofa is the biggest furniture and is the most expensive investment for the living room. Deciding on a sofa is an excellent first step to start decorating. And after that, you can choose an accent chair with a coffee table that will be a complement to the room.
  • Accent Chair; Put additional seating for your living room and this can be like a soft chair or accent chair. For those of you who want accent chairs in the living room, be sure to choose 2 matching chairs.
  • Coffee table; Coffee tables are often made the center of the living room and this is a central element in your room. Marble coffee tables have been hunted by homeowners lately, but rustic wooden coffee tables have never been out of date. Chic round tables also provide convenience in moving indoors, and rectangle tables provide more space for placing coffee cups. You will get many types of coffee tables for the living room all depending on the type of room and style in your room, choose wisely!
  • Side Table; This is the ideal table next to a soda or between your two accent chairs. This table makes additional space for placing books or lighting.

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