Easy Tips to Get Started Using Windows Box

Windows Box

A colorful window box made of beautiful flowers will make your window area more beautiful and beautiful. Window boxes can be planted with a variety of plants that you like such as annual flowers, perennials, vegetables, or other plants. Window boxes are an alternative for those of you who live in apartments and don’t have land to grow flowers and plants. Window boxes not only look attractive from the outside but they will also add harmony in your room.
Even the window box is not a decorating idea that requires a lot of funds or even a lot of energy! Window boxes can be a fun weekend DIY project. Window boxes have ease in manufacturing and you won’t spend a lot of time on this. There are also many shops that provide tools and materials for making window boxes. There are even many stores that cut materials for your place which will be more efficient.

Started Using Windows Box

Windows Box
What Can Be Planted in a Window Box?
Window boxes are the best alternative for those who do not have land for farming. And the good news is that you can plant many types of plants such as Petunia, Geranium, Zinnias, Nasturtium, and Begonia. This is a choice for you who want a flower theme. Basically, there are more plants that you can bring to the window box, but with some considerations such as a shady location or with a splash of sunlight?
When you bring vines into a box, with a little creativity you can make a crop frame with your plants. Ivy or Topiary Ara is a good choice to identify.
Choose Your Plants
The most important thing in bringing plants into a box is to consider the exposure to the existing sunlight and aim at your window box. Because without considering it you will only torture the plants that have been brought into the box.
→Options For Hot Window Flowers (South or West)
  • Artemesia
  • dusty factory
  • setcreasea
  • strawberry
  • Carolina jessamine
  • gold jump
  • And others
→Choice of Flowers to Add Color (Shady, Cold, and North)
  • cardinal flower
  • coleus
  • sweet autumn clematis
  • ivy various languages English or Algerian
  • trumpet vine
Flower  And Bulb
Bringing flowers into the box will be more interesting when you add lights to it when you bring in flowers such as snowdrops, water hyacinth, lily, allium add a light bulb and bulbs to the window to give a more attractive appearance to your box.
Vegetables and Herbs
For those of you who have windows with easy access, consider including edibles. Sage, chives, or mint. You can get a box of fresh herbs from your mini garden.
Tomatoes, cherries, and some other vegetables in the box require a little stewing and need water for once every two days and also fertilizer in two weeks. When you use fertilizer, consider using a fertilizer with a pungent aroma because the box is in reach that is really close to you.
Material for window boxes?
You will find more window boxes with various ease of installation or hanging them on the balcony, and many of them have a variety of material choices.
However, boxes with wood-based materials that are easier to make for adjusting the length and width of the window sill and wooden boxes are the favorite of many homeowners. Pay attention to your installation, do not place the box directly on the side, and leave a few inches for the breathing area so it does not accumulate moisture.
  • You need to make a hole for drainage and place a one inch stone layer at the bottom of the box.
  • Use a potting mixture from the center of the garden or mix it with soil, peat or powder, and also compost for plant food
  • Flush and flush when the soil begins to settle and flush, then mix again
  • Flush and fertilize as quickly as possible
  • You can also change your boring plants in the box for a new impression.

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