Estimates And Types Of Best Bathroom Floors For Your Home

The bathroom becomes the space that has the smallest area for every room in the house, not only the small space, but the budget used also tends to be minimal to make the bathroom. Even to decorate the floor in the bathroom maybe we will tend to spend 45% of the budget we should spend to decorate our floors. However, no matter how small your expenses will be, you will still get an amazing bathroom if you can understand how you made your expenses to make the bathroom more luxurious. For that decorate the bathroom floor into an option that you can try to change the look of your room. You can choose the right material to make your bathroom more luxurious and luxurious. Let’s look at some materials that will make your bathroom floor more luxurious and fresher.

Estimates And Types Of Best Bathroom Floors For Your Home

Estimates And Types Of Best Bathroom Floors For Your Home

Vinyl Floor
This floor is a good choice for your bathroom, vinyl flooring has an affordable price, is resistant to water, stains, and damage, even the floor is easy to install. Vinyl is available in various types of colors and patterns that can help you choose according to the style of your bathroom. Vinyl is a choice for homeowners who want the impression of style in the bathroom without having to destroy the ATM.
The disadvantage of vinyl is that despite its low price, low-quality materials containing organic chemicals will easily evaporate when the air is dry and hot after mounting the floor. Vinyl flooring will be more volatile when you install it with adhesive material that is fully spread on each side. But vinyl is one of the floors that have a long term with good maintenance can be more than 10 years.

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Vinyl flooring provides two-floor type options that you can choose for placement in your bathroom. A vinyl flooring sheet that will cover the entire floor in the bathroom in one sheet, and vinyl tiles that are cut into pieces measuring 12-16 square inches that use adhesive in the installation. Vinyl sheets will be the perfect choice for your bathroom and they perform well for the bathroom.
Costs for vinyl flooring: Vinyl flooring costs $ 0.50 – $ 4.00 square feet for the material. And for bathroom installation, you can charge around $ 3- $ 9 per square foot.
Linoleum Floor
Linoleum is one type of floor material that has long durability. Linoleum is a vinyl flooring design. This floor has materials made from natural ingredients made from linseed oil, suitable for homeowners who love the environment. This floor has almost the same benefits as vinyl, but for the scent of this floor it will give off an unpleasant odor for several weeks after it is installed.

Water-resistant, and has the option of a good seamless sheet for active bathrooms in your home.
The cost you spend on this floor is around $ 2- $ 5 per foot for materials, and $ 3- $ 10 for expert installation.

Luxury Vinyl Flooring
Luxurious vinyl flooring or more commonly referred to as LVF is vinyl with a semi-rigid form that has a thickness that is more than vinyl flooring in general, this floor comes with a series of boards with tongue and groove systems “CLICK AND KEY”. Same as the common vinyl flooring encountered, this floor is resistant to water.

The advantage of vinyl is that they offer a variety of types, and many are copies of natural wood, stone, or ceramics. This floor is the favorite choice for DIYers because of the ease of installation of this floor.

The cost you will incur for this floor is around $ 2.00 – $ 6.00 per square foot for materials, and an additional $ 3- $ 10 square foot for professional installation.

Ceramic floor
This floor has the basic ingredients of natural clay mixed with a little sediment. In its raw form, this ceramic tile becomes very susceptible to water, stains, and many dangers from bathrooms that have high chemical content. Layered ceramics have a layer of melted glass poured over it which makes your tiles impervious to water and stains, and also allows manufacturers to obtain a variety of colors and patterns for their ceramics.

Tiles have a view as tiles with flooring at a high price, but they are a good choice for small spaces. However, porcelain tiles that look like glass or wood have a more expensive price.

To do this tile installation requires skill and professionalism, and you need extra expenditure for this. Small rooms require tiles that are cut and then installed!

Prices for these tiles are $ 2- $ 10 square feet, and $ 4- $ 14 per square foot for installation.

Concrete Floor
Concrete floors are often associated with materials for cold floors, giving an industrial feel. But concrete has become a preferred choice for modern homes. This floor is very affordable especially for those of you who want a minimalist look. If you get concrete you have a few holes you can make patches for your floor and make concrete into a beautiful new floor after polishing it.

Concrete has a hard texture but they are also porous, you need care for concrete in your bathroom with a sealing agent that has protection against stains and neutralization of water. However, you can clean your concrete after you install it properly, your cleaning only with regular sweeping and also a little wet.

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Costs for this floor can vary, for installation, the contractor must install a cement board underlayment before carrying out concrete pouring which will cost an additional $ 2 – $ 3 per square foot. The basic pouring and final hash for the floor will require you to pay an additional $ 3 – $ 6 per square foot for a good finish. And for those of you who want a charming artistic impression you can spend around $ 15 per square foot.

Patching your concrete after removing the floor is an additional project that is completely different, and a bit draining.

  • To do surface fillings for concrete you can pay $ 2 per square foot.
  • And if you need re-coating you can pay up to $ 4 per square foot.
  • To make the color in your concrete last longer, you can use acid to coat your concrete at a cost of $ 2- $ 4 per square foot.

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