Feng Shui Bedroom Tips That Make You Sleep Better

Feng Shui Bedroom Tips That Make You Sleep Better

Feng Shui Bedroom

If we talk about the most appropriate room to get a Feng Shui adaptation, then the bedroom is the most appropriate room to optimize. Even in feng shui, the bedroom is the most important place. The bedroom becomes a space that will take up more of your time, and restore stamina. When you fall asleep, the body’s condition will be more passive to be affected by the feng shui bedroom energy that has been created. However, how to bring feng shui nuances to the bedroom? Here are some tips for making bedroom feng shui that completely work for you.

Feng Shui Bedroom Tips That Make You Sleep Better

Feng Shui Bedroom Tips That Make You Sleep Better
Feng Shui Bedroom Tips That Make You Sleep Better

Feng Shui Bedroom Placement Tips
To determine the most appropriate bed position, you must ensure that the bed is in a commanding position. Which means, the bed faces the door but not directly. You also cannot leave the door open directly to your bed. And avoid the dead position (feet pointing out the door).

Make sure you place the head of the bed against a strong wall, with space on the other three sides of the bed (legs, right, and left). Make sure not to fit the headboard next to the side of the toilet.

Use the Headboard
The headboard is an item that represents stability and support in life, especially for harmony in the room. The best choice for a headboard is a headboard that is sturdy enough and without perforations.

So, make sure you fasten the headboard securely for the impression of full support and strength!

Declutter the area under the bed
Take a look at what’s in your bedroom area! Especially under the bed, what’s in there? The area under the bed is indeed a charming area for storing various bedroom furniture. However, that doesn’t mean all equipment can be thrown there easily. In feng shui, the area under the bed has a passive “yin” effect when you sleep. What’s under the bed may also represent what’s in your subconscious.

Shoes under the bed may give the impression that you are taking a leisurely afternoon stroll, or a letter from your ex makes you unable to forget it.

In a small bedroom, you will tend to use it as a potential storage area. However, if you want to follow the principles of feng shui then freeing it from all the clutter (keeping nothing there) is a better idea.

Electric field
Electric and magnetic fields are something that greatly affects the feng shui bedroom. In Feng Shui, the electric field from electronic devices as well as power lines can be harmful to health and interfere with sleep quality. When we sleep next to our cellphones, this is one item that really annoys us.

Maybe one of the causes of a difficult night’s sleep (insomnia) could be because you sleep surrounded by cellphones, so try to get rid of electronic devices in your bedroom.

Use a Pair of Nightstands
A pair of nightstands is a better choice, apart from having a visual balance, a pair of nightstands is also a great way to maximize the appearance of the lighting. When choosing a nightstand, compatibility with each other is not a consideration but what should be considered is how they complement and balance each other.

It is a pair that will enhance harmony as well as balance your space.

Use Colors According to Feng Shui
The best colors for the bedroom are when they provide the ambiance you need. If you want to sleep more soundly, you can consider this color choice. However, if you want a more passionate or colorful impression, the addition of bolder tones such as red or yellow can be considered. Earth tones and neutral tones will provide more support and relaxation, and if you desire healing or vitality using blue or green tones is a good choice.

Feng Shui Bedroom Wall Art Selection
In choosing wall art, your choices will describe how you are in your daily life as well as showcase your personality. If the impression of romance you want to get in the bedroom, it is better not to bring family photos and display them in another room. And if you are single, don’t use pictures of parents or single objects in your feng shui bedroom.

To place wall art, make sure you set the art at eye level or higher (this is a way to increase qi or life energy).

Feng Shui Bedroom Tips Organize Books
Books can be one of the reasons you have trouble sleeping! If you like reading before bed, it might be better to take the book somewhere else. At least provide a reading book or two on the nightstand, and throw other books into another room. Organizing piles of books and shelves will help you get better feng shui in your bedroom.

Books have active energy that stimulates the mind, so consider minimizing books in your bedroom.

You have to reduce the number of toxins in the bedroom. The first is to reduce the number of chemicals used in the bedroom. And secondly, do regular cleaning in your room.

Try to switch to cleaning products that are environmentally friendly and non-toxic. Or use some ornamental plants to improve air quality in a feng shui bedroom.

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