Fun Living Room Decoration Ideas With Yourself

Decorating the living room Is an extra job with idealistic thinking to keep the room warm and comfortable to be occupied with the family and make guests interested in the decoration presented in our living room. Let’s look at this article and learn what will be the focal point of your decor in your living room.
What should you have in the living room?
Fun Living Room Decoration Ideas With Yourself
Like a family with many family members, you will need a sofa and several chairs that can accommodate all your family members. The sofa and chair you need is a sofa and chair that will offer comfort to your family, comfort while sitting will make you and your family feel at home in the living room.
If you don’t have a lot of space to put your chairs and sofas into your room, beanbags and pouf is a smart choice to make extra seats and they will be easy to store when you don’t really need it. If you have space you can add a lightweight side chair that can be easily moved to adjust the layout of your living room when your guests visit, and the addition of a side table or a nesting table is a very useful addition to your room.
Furniture arrangement in the living room.
The settings in your living room actually depend on how big your room is and for what function your room is in use. A small living room may require you to place furniture on the wall in this way to ensure that there is room for you and your family to be free to move without having to get rid of chairs and bang their feet on the coffee table.
The thing that comes in the most is that you will need a height of 50-60cm for the height in each furniture to make the flow of traffic in this living room go well.

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If you have more space in your home, you can add some furniture to make a comfortable wall. This idea will work really well when you apply an open living room in your home, creating traffic for your living room from a dining, cooking and study area. You can use decorative objects to hide unpleasant parts on the back of your couch.

The addition of carpet is also very good to add the impression of life to your living room, you will also get a deeper impression with the addition of carpet in your living room. And if you have a TV for the center of your living room you must position your seat to face your TV, because this concept will show that TV is the center of your living room. However, if you prefer decor without a TV in your living room, you will get a more free impression of your room. You can even play a mirror or use a fireplace as additional accessories in your living room.

Living Room Storage
Designing storage in your living room is a decoration that is no less important than organizing your room. Your books and furniture will be scattered in your living room when all family members use your space every day. You should be able to provide storage for your things.

The choice of a coffee table with drawers or a hidden shelf is the right choice for making extra storage in your living room. Coffee table with drawers in it becomes a unique decoration, this will not interfere in the view in your living room and you will easily take your items stored in it. An open footstool is also secret storage that can be a trick for your storage. While the use of open shelves will be very good for your ornaments, drawers are also very useful for storing your laptop and collection of items that you don’t want to display in your living room. Creating a room with lots of space for storage is a good choice for managing your living room and minimizing clutter in the living room.

Colors for the Living Room
In the decoration of a room, there is nothing to set about what color you will use for your living room, but black and white is the favorite choice at the top for decorating a room.

The Best Way To Make Your Living Room Shine
Basically, the living room is a room where you gather and relax with your family and guest room which has a double function in your home. Lighting for your living room should be able to warm the atmosphere and open conversation for you and your family. First, you will make the main light in your living room this task is perfect for a chandelier that will illuminate your entire room properly.

Wall lights and table lamps will also be additional lighting in your living room, they will shine gently to accompany you while relaxing with your family. The addition of accent lights is also very necessary in your living room to attract the attention of your guests, such as placing lights between your wall art.

We suggest making two electrical circuits that will connect between the main lamp (hanging lamp), and also the soft shining lamp (accent lamp).

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