Guide to Arrange Living Room Furniture Easier

When decorating the room, we will meet with an empty space that is completely empty and hasn’t thought about how to place furniture there. In fact, there are so many areas that must be considered and require you to imagine organizing the room. To get a room that suits your aesthetics, personal style, and also your opinion. This will all center on the layout of your furniture.
The arrangement of sofas, chairs, tables, storage cabinets, and other furniture will have a big influence on the impression in your room. To assist you in arranging furniture, we have created an easy guide that can be done for each room. This idea will make your job easier with maximum results. let’s try …

Arrange Living Room Furniture Easier

 Arrange Living Room Furniture

The size of your living room from wall to wall
This means a box with 4 sides that you must pay attention to the size on each side that is there. This is a manual project or can be a project with a computer program with a floor plan for the room design. You have to change the size from feet to inches with a scale of 1: 1 this is the simplest.
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Like if you have an 18 foot by 10 room this means you will convert into an 18 by the 10-inch box. And measure the existing furniture and choose which furniture will be brought in and make the box more unique in each section.

When you try to do the settings manually this means you need paper as an object to replace furniture to make it easier for you to adjust its layout.

Focal Point
Create a focal point in your living room, this is a way that really helps you in planning and placing furniture. Choose a focal point for a TV room, fireplace, lights, artwork, or maybe other accessories. When you have determined the focal point for your living room, the arrangement of furniture will be easier by placing furniture around the focal point that you make.
Like when you use the TV as a focal point in this room, it means that you will set the sofa and other furniture to be as close as the TV and adjust the stand that is leaning towards the TV. Be sure to set a distance between at least 10-13 feet, with a viewing angle of no more than 30 degrees. Make sure the main sofa and sofa section occupy the part that is facing at your focal point.
Chairs can flank the sides between your focus points, this is an additional seat with additional visual balance. To maximize settings, add special furniture and a pair of chairs with arms that make bold statements. For those of you who make a fireplace as a focal point, this means the living room is the conversation area you are aiming for. So make arrangements with furniture half a circle that will make everyone who sits feel the warmth of your fireplace. To ensure that the distance between the chairs should not be more than 8 feet.
Done with the creation of focus points and seating arrangements? It’s time to switch to the placement of your desk and storage cabinets. In a living room, a coffee table and an Ottoman will always be in the center of your sofa and chair. Prepare the distance between the coffee table with a sofa about 18 inches and make sure the objects on the coffee table you can reach easily. A sofa table is a long, slim table that is behind your soda and attached to its back.
The side table is always on the side of your couch, and make sure it is at least 30 inches between pieces to facilitate traffic. For a minimalist living room, you can try using a nested table that can be folded and enlarged when in use. Storage cabinets and decorative items are on the wall that allows for leaning.
The floor lamp becomes a lamp that replaces your side table, this means the floor lamp must reach the coffee table and illuminate it which makes your guests can take drinks more easily. You can also find several designs of floor lamps that are equipped with tables that make it more fun. The table lamp is quite easy in setting, you just need to make sure that the lamp doesn’t take up the entire area on the table. For chandeliers, make sure you center it on the sitting area and light up the sitting area. And a good spotlighting option is placement in the area of artwork, sculpture, and built-in.
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Area Rug
This is a very pleasant accessory in the living room and is quite easy to set up: Carpet … The carpet is the deciding area where the carpet shows that this is an inch-long seating area outside the furniture (At least one of the legs rests there). For those of you who make carpets more fun, you can try adding a thicker, thicker carpet over your carpet. This is a good choice to add warmth and a sense of comfort.

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