Guide to Effective Kitchen Island Decor

Kitchen Island is an attractive area for every kitchen in various styles of home, this area is a dream of many homeowners who want more area for cooking, washing, and also the preparation area. Kitchen Island is also a good area for additional storage and cabinets. for cooking utensils. As you have more floor area in the kitchen, consider a kitchen island to be a good idea for you.
But there are many homeowners who are still confused and trapped in thinking about how to decorate a kitchen island. This can be a confusing design idea for those who don’t understand how to get started. Kitchen islands can become very large, hampering traffic in the kitchen and even making the layout unpleasant. Placement on the kitchen island can also be wrong, the hood and fan are missed, the sink is forgotten, the outlet is not in the area it should be. There are many mistakes that can occur when you don’t know how to organize your kitchen island! Learn how to set up a good kitchen island for your room here … Prepare a pen and scroll!

Kitchen Island Decor

A general rule when decorating a room is that you must pay attention to the size of the room, and this also applies to kitchen islands! At least you should take measurements of more than 12% of the total size of the square in your kitchen. When you make the size of the kitchen island with a larger size, the kitchen island will dominate the room and make you unable to walk freely there.
Example. When you have a kitchen with a size of 130 square feet with an island of about 28 square feet, then this will not be efficient for the kitchen! Because the size is too large will make your kitchen chaotic and too much space on your island. And the most efficient size is around 12-13 square feet.
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You can experiment with using a table in your room in a few days to get the right size and not get in your way.

Stove on Dapur Island.
Cooking becomes an activity that is never left behind! Adding a stove to the kitchen island can be a good choice because it will improve performance in the kitchen. The use of a stove on a kitchen island can also be a good way with a more social impression, especially when you place chairs around the island.
Consider how you will remodel the cooking area of a kitchen perimeter. With the hallway crossing forwards and backward it will become frustrating for some cooks who are already ruling with work areas with triangular kitchens with tight stoves. For chefs like this, kitchen islands can be an option to increase the effectiveness of work with the main stove in the perimeter table area.
Fan and Island Hood
The hood and fan will work well for those of you who have tried to burn away food when cooking. The smoke detector will help you by blaring and reducing your prepared meal. Kitchen Island, there will be no choice to put a hood on your wall, the smell and smoke coming out of the wall will be safe and instead, you have to make it up or down.
Up Venting
The upscale stove on the kitchen island becomes a covering that will cover up, smoke that is pulled straight in and out of the house. Smoke with rising vapors will be better offset by the use of upward ventilation for a functional impression. The downside option is for those of you who have a hood and ventilation in the middle of the kitchen.
Down Venting
With a cooktop, the ignition in the stove will draw smoke down and out of the room with a stream of holes in the crawling space.
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With the kitchen island, you will get peace of mind while cooking and also an area for additional storage. Cooking on the kitchen island can also be drawn back to the perimeter cooking area and forget about the island area when there are special events, and also storage. Kitchen Island is the choice for a very good storage area, utilizing every piece of the island will make your kitchen feel more comfortable and enjoyable.
Freestanding kitchen island
For those of you who can’t get a big kitchen island in accordance with your dreams, you can install a permanent kitchen island in a rolling style. This method will provide additional counter space that suits your desires (How to Run). Basically, a kitchen island can stand free with the best pair with a permanent island when both have flat surfaces.

Make sure each surface has its own function.

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