The Idea of ​​Hanging Mirror For Each Room

Hanging Mirror

Hanging Mirror is one of the choices for space accessories, using a mirror can provide a variety of surprises for the home. In addition to being a good accessory, a mirror can also be an additional decoration that will make the room look bigger and more spacious. The mirror can be placed in all rooms in the house which will make the room more charming and open.
However, hanging is not just hanging it! You also have to think about how the views will be obtained on your mirror. Like the installation of a mirror across the window will be effective to make the appearance of a double room, and reflect the existing light to each side of the room. By choosing the style of the mirror will also add features to your room. The light, illusion, beauty, and decorative value you will get from how to hang your mirror.

The idea of ​​Hanging a Mirror

Hanging a Mirror
This is a private room that must have a mirror, the use of a full-length mirror is the best choice for the bedroom. One way to decorate one wall in the bedroom is to put a large mirror there. Placing mirrors in the bedroom can vary on the dressing table, behind the cabinet door, or on the closet door. Placement in the bedroom gives a more attractive appearance to the room and makes it easy to dress before leaving for work.
The area above the sink is the most reasonable place to hang your mirror. And the mirror in the bathroom is a must to do! How can your shaving activities be fun without a mirror in the bathroom? Or when you apply the hair, you also need a mirror for your bathroom.
Maybe this is often forgotten by many homeowners, but the use of a mirror in front of their entrance is a good idea to show space feels bigger. A mirror in front of the entrance is a good idea to surprise guests and attract. In addition, placement there will be the last security before you leave home.

Another good idea comes when you use a desk with storage near your entrance, this area can be the best place for the mail station and put the most strategic car keys.

Kid’s room
All children like mirrors, they will love to be in front of their mirrors and display some simple movements of their favorite heroes. A good hanger is as high as the eye of the room user to ensure they are comfortable when posing his favorite superhero.
Above the Fireplace
This is another strategic place to hang a mirror, aside from providing additional warmth to the mirror space above it can be a good place for focus points in the space. Or you might also consider hanging on both sides of the fireplace for a larger room.
On the buffet
A carefully placed mirror on the buffet is a good idea to give a more pleasant touch to the dining room. This can be a more entertaining choice and will reflect every dish presented on the table. However, don’t let the mirror reflect the dirty table and glass in your kitchen.
In a long, dark hallway, a mirror will help you to get more light in it. In addition to saving lighting, strategic placement will make the hallway area more shining.
Placement A good hanging mirror is at eye level, maximum results will follow you when successfully determining the right area and position to hang it. Additional accessories that have great functions for each of your spaces!

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