How to Choose the Right Color of Curtains in Every Room

The window becomes a portal between your room and nature outside the room, and don’t leave them plain and let prying eyes peek from there. With a little curtain to cover the window, you will get the impression of a more charming and beautiful area for your window! Even using curtains in your window can provide additional privacy in your area!

However, pay attention when you include curtains as additional accessories you must pay attention to a few things to keep your room schematic! One of the things you should pay attention to when choosing curtains in your area is the color selection, and your curtain material as many curtains will block light from entering the room?

So with this in mind, we will give you a little idea of ​​how colors will give an unimaginable impression! How colors affect feelings, comfort, and also the mood of the homeowner. A house without windows is a house without life, and windows without curtains are gloomy windows.

How to Choose the Right Color of Curtains in Every Room

How to Choose the Right Color of Curtains in Every Room

Before we choose curtains colors in a room, we must let you know that colors will make your room more visually and instant. With this trick, you will get the fastest and most appropriate way to determine the color that suits your room. One of the trucks that you should pay attention to is the use of force in the room, especially pay attention to the color of the walls, floors, carpets, and existing furniture. Watch how they combine with your curtains and make the room even more charming.

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Take an easy way to make the room more charming by considering the style and color of the existing scheme! Thus you will get a charming curtain with the right tone and thickness that is right for the room. With furniture that gives you colors to eat neutral tones will be good for your curtains, but with furniture that applies neutral colors, eating curtains with color and texture will be good.

Here we summarize some colors that will suit your room type and style, and with the right selection, you will get perfection in decorating your room!

  1. Red; Will increase your appetite, provide extreme energy and make the occupants more active. The selection of red curtains will be perfect to be put in your kitchen, dining room, and bedroom. However, be careful with red! Use that is not appropriate will make you too aggressive and excessive in expressing your emotions.
  2. Orange; Orange becomes a color that gives you the impression of being flexible and accepting changes, giving comfort, and energy. It will be good when you hang this color in the room where your family gathers. Orange will fit in the kitchen area with a color that will improve digestion and extra comfort. However, do not try it in the bedroom because orange will be very stimulating.
  3. Yellow; presents an impression that is almost the same as orange, but they will give a friendly impression in your area. And if you place yellow in the living room area, eating this color will bring a more relaxed impression and make your living room a free area for communication. To decorate your window with yellow curtains that embrace your guests.
  4. Green; Green gives a fresh and relaxed impression to each room, and green curtains will be a good choice for bedrooms that will add quality to your sleep and make you sleep better, even the green color will make the room more spacious. However, don’t overdo it in using green because excessive green will make your room chaotic and unobtrusive.
  5. Turquoise; colors that will provide harmony and inner peace of this color contribute to making everyone calm within the reach of this color. Place the curtains in the room that you will use to relax and rejuvenate after a long day of work.
  6. Blue; Become a color that symbolizes peace and a color that will help to eliminate insomnia and anxiety, and this color will increase concentration. Curtains in blue tones will work well in your work area and bedroom. Pay attention! Blue that is too excessive will become blue which gives a sad feel, so arrange them!
  7. Purple; Curtains with purple tones will have a calming effect on your area. And this color will match the room with a bright color because purple will balance the bright colors and make the room more lively. This color will balance your area and always provide energy. Pink and purple will blend perfectly and increase tenderness and feelings. This curtain will be suitable for your bedroom area!
  8. Light brown; will create a more comfortable area of the room. This color gives more concentration in the room, but this color requires a bright interior to make the room not too boring.

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