How To Clean Stainless Steel Appliances More Shiny

The house becomes an area where you will do various activities and various jobs to do. No matter how busy you are with the work you do, you will still get the cleaning task you must do to make your room comfortable. What about the cleaning and maintenance of your stainless steel tools? A stainless steel tool is not only a tool that you must clean regularly every week.
Tools from stainless steel into tools that have bacteria, and germs so making a regular cleaning schedule you have to do to get health from your tools! Even though you really want to use a cleaning solution and scrub your equipment quickly, and get rid of stains and dirt every day. Using the wrong way will damage some of your expensive equipment at home.

How To Clean Stainless Steel Appliances More Shiny

How To Clean Stainless Steel Appliances More Shiny
So when cleaning your equipment, it’s a good idea to read these stainless steel still cleaning tricks to get easy cleaning without damaging your machine!
Check the Cleaning Rules
It never hurts you to take your stainless steel machine box to know the restrictions and suggestions for cleaning your machine! Before deciding how to clean stainless steel equipment It’s a good idea to check. Checking will be the easiest way to keep your equipment clean without having to damage it.
Choose the right cleanser
Basically, your stainless steel cleaner is a polish, not a cleaner! Stainless steel will shine more when you rub it. In fact, stainless steel cleaning only requires you to rub it gently and eliminate any dirt, debris, and food crumbs that are left behind.
Soft Cloth
When you clean stainless steel appliances, it is a good idea to use a clean, soft cloth for your equipment. Fabrics are a good choice because they will not leave marks for your stainless steel. Steel walls and scouring pads are not the answer to cleaning stainless steel utensils because they will leave marks on your surface.

Clean Stainless Steel appliances effectively

There is no special material to clean your stainless steel because water and washing soap with the addition of microfiber have become the answer to your stainless steel cleaning.
  • Mix water with your dish soap
  • Use a mini spray bottle, and give a mixture of warm water and dish soap or castile soap. 
  • Spray on the surface of your stainless steel equipment
  • Clean using a soft cloth, and clean your soap mixture. Make sure you remove the scum from the soap on your device and they will shine a little.
  • To get a sparkle, you can use a little oil on your cloth like mineral oil, coconut or olive.
  • Rub your stainless steel with an oily cloth in the same direction and you will see residual marks that begin to disappear and your equipment begins to glow

What about vinegar?
Vinegar comes as one of the recommended cleaning agents for various appliances in your home, but stainless steel is not included. Because basically, you are not recommended to use acid in your stainless steel. Vinegar with its acidic properties will not make your stainless steel more shining and only make them more resistant to damage.
However, there are some exceptions to this rule. There are times when you will need watery vinegar for problems in your wash dish machine to clean up food buildup. And for some dirty and greasy equipment, you can use a mixture of baking soda and vinegar to clean it.
Windex for stainless steel?
Windex has the advantage of making your stainless steel shine, but not for cleaning and stain removal purposes. But, if you use Windex for the oven glass area then your choice is right!

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