How to Decorate Exterior Windows for Increased Curb Appeal

Ideas and tricks on how to decorate exterior windows could increase the curb appeal of your home. These ideas are mostly budget-friendly as well. You don’t need to spend much money to brighten up your home exterior with dressing the outside of your windows.

You can start with a flower box. Well, installing a flower box on your windows is the basic way to liven up the home exterior. It is easy and flexible. You can easily change the flowers according to the season or your favorite blooms.

This idea is also ideal for urban dwellers that want to have a flower garden but don’t have much space for it. Simply count the flower box as a mini garden where your colorful blooms grow. Read on to reveal another impressive idea.

Impressive Ideas to Decorate Exterior Windows

Another one of the best ideas on how to decorate exterior windows is to install decorative shutters. This is a simple yet powerful way to improve the curb appeal of your home. The cost for your shutters will depend on the window size and materials selected.

Moreover, using fabric awning will work too. Fabric awning is perfect to spice up the outside of your windows with its patterns and colors. It could be an additional shade as well if you grow some plants under the exterior windows.

If you’re on a budget, paint the exterior windows with bold color could be perfect. Go for contrasting shades that create a pop of color in your home exterior. For example, you can choose a bright pink color for your bright blue exterior walls.

Other Ideas to Decorate the Outside of Windows

Some other ideas on how to decorate exterior windows are still available. One of them is to construct a mini pergola on the windows. Grow a climbing plant on the pergola to create a more interesting focal point in your exterior design.

You can also combine this idea with a flower box. This way, you have expanded the beauty of your garden right on the windows. It would be great to see it from inside the home too. It’s possible to hang some planters with a wooden awning too.

Depending on the width of your windows, you can hang one or two planters on the wooden awning. If it is too much for you, simply install a shelf beneath the windows and place some flower pots on it. That’s all some amazing ideas on how to decorate exterior windows.

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