How to Decorate Shelves Ideas to Get You Started

Knowing some tips and ideas on how to decorate shelves is essential for any homeowner. Indeed, shelves have become a popular choice for interior storage. They are versatile and look great in any room. However, you should style them well to give your room an attractive and eclectic feel.

Shelves allow you to rotate collections and update the décor as the season changes. You can arrange your favorite pieces and style them based on personality. For instance, if you have a selection of books, display your favorites on an open shelf.

Consider going for floating shelves and arrange them on the wall. Use your books’ colorful cover to complete the color palette of the room. If you need a storage solution and decoration idea, try displaying the books vertically in tight groups then anchor them with bookends.

Best Decorating Ideas for Open Shelves

Adding greenery is one of the simple ideas on how to decorate shelves. Nothing can immediately add a little life to your room like greeneries. Just several plants can make an entire space looks more alive. Plus, they can add texture to your open shelves.

Select plants with a visual appeal such as edgy succulent or fresh-cut blooms. Put each of them on an attractive pot or planter. For a small plant, you can even use a secondhand mug with written quotes on it. Aside from greeneries, fresh flowers look lovely too!

Moreover, you can also display photographs and artworks on the open shelves. Instead of hanging them on the wall, leaning your photographs and artworks is a great way to be exceptional. You can also mix and match for a homemade art show.

Best Decorating Ideas for Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are without a doubt one of the magical unicorns of interior design. They work just everywhere. You can also display a variety of things on them. One of the tips on how to decorate shelves with a floating design is to paint them.

Instead of basic colors like white, black, and wood tones, paint your floating shelves in a bolder color. They can be a special pop of color, especially in a neutral space. Adding color is also an exceptional way to draw attention to the objects being displayed on the shelves.

Lastly, you can style your floating shelves with special treasures. Nothing is better than using your shelves to display everything significant for you. For example, showcase treasures from your recent trips. That’s all some of the best tips on how to decorate shelves.

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