How to Small Living Room Layout Are More Effective

Small Living Room Layout,When faced with a room layout, we certainly will get a really great decoration challenge. Even more so when faced with the idea of arranging a small living room! Having a smaller room to manage is a real challenge, but even though it sounds strange the arrangements in the room for small guests will be easier!
The rules underlying the arrangement of the living room remain the same, whether in a large room or with a small size. The standardization of this living room arrangement is to use furniture that has a size and compatibility with the room. This looks easy, doesn’t it? However, when we try it it will be more difficult than imagined. For that, we have summarized it in the tricks of the living room furniture arrangement. So get ready to be inspired!

Best Small Living Room Layout

Provide more storage
One problem in minimalist style living room settings is the lack of storage. So, do the living room arrangement by using more storage, and still provide a comfortable sitting area in your area. With longwalls, you will get a large shelf and a table beside the sofa that will provide additional storage. Also, add bench side lighting to give you additional lighting when reading favorite novels.
Considerations you must make:


  • Sofa: To bring the sofa into a room setting, you can use an armless sofa that will free up space. However, one of the disadvantages of using an armless sofa is that you do not get an area to lean your arms back when in the living room. And this can take a little comfort.
  • Accent chair: When bringing extra seating in the living room, make sure that you bring in furniture with a light look. One of the mistakes in the arrangement of the living room is when you use furniture with a heavy look or a darker color. This will make space feel heavier and take up space.
  • More simple: Bring in furniture that has clean lines inside. The use of clean lines in the living room will open views and create a more open look!


Small living room for playing area with family
This one will be suitable for you and your family who want to spend more time together. The use of sectional sofas and coffee tables is a good combination for the chatting area and having a board game together with our family.
You might consider the use of multifunctional furniture like ottoman, which doubles as a table or as storage. Or maybe a sleek coffee table with glass and a simple shape can be a good choice to tie the comfort and appeal in your living room.
  • Use a neutral tone: To open a space, there is nothing better than using a neutral tone in it. In addition to giving a bigger appearance, using a neutral tone will be a good way to reflect the incoming light and spread it to every corner of space. Then add extra texture to some furniture pieces with bold styles and colors to create visual interest in the room. However, for small spaces, you can use fewer color splashes with sparks on pillows, flower vases, and also lamps.
  • Coffee table: As we said, a small coffee room with a large view and weight does not work! So, use a coffee table that has a slimmer look and a glass base to open space.
Small living room ideas suitable for play areas with children
You might consider using a sectional sofa with some multifunctional storage for the living room. There is nothing better than optimizing the use of furniture and maximizing storage. When we have a minimalist style room, the first thing to do is to optimize and design storage in every corner of the living room!
even when you have a small living room filled with children’s games, the best thing is to provide easy storage for your child to navigate. Like a wicker basket in the corner of the room, or a small drawer that can be opened and reached easily. Giving full access to retrieve and restore children’s toys is an idea that should be considered!
You need to know that a window is a good idea to open a room and take advantage of the free space available with your window. Optimizing storage with windows will make your space more attractive and a good alternative to do. Comfort you can get when you bring a soft sofa and pull it to the window area! Making the Jandela area a comfortable place to sit can be more practical to open space!
Additional tricks to consider
  • Color Palette: When you have a minimalist (small) style room, you can only use at least 3 basic colors, but two colors are a better choice. White is a good choice in small spaces, but it won’t attract the attention of space users! So, play with your color palette and get the best colors to exude the charm of the living room.
  • Wall Color: When trying to combine the colors of the walls and furniture, you must determine the color of the walls based on the compatibility of your furniture. Not matching furniture based on the color of your walls! This is a trip backward? Of course not right?
  • Minimalism: Make sure that you only bring in the furniture that is really needed, not the furniture you want there! It will not work well in a minimalist space when you only leave the furniture there without regard to the function of the furniture!

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