Find Ideas for Living Room Arrangement

Ideas for Living Room Arrangements Based on Space Function

Ideas for Living Room Arrangements

The living room comes in various looks and design styles for different purposes for each person. Some are specially designed for gathering and joking with family and guests, while there are also those that make the living room a place to relax with a TV. Everyone has their own purpose for the design of their living room. That’s why ideas for living room arrangements can come with a variety of considerations. To make it easier for you to decorate the living room, here are ideas for living room arrangements for each use.

Basic ideas for living room arrangements. . .

Find Ideas for Living Room Arrangement
Find Ideas for Living Room Arrangement

When you start arranging furniture on a budget there are a few things to highlight:

Create a focal point
When you want to make arrangements in the living room, the first thing that is needed is to determine the focus of the room. In some spaces, the focal point can be a prominent feature such as a fireplace or perhaps a window, and in some, decorative wall art is the focus of the room or maybe a television. This focus determination is based on what the living room is used for! So, make sure to know the main function of your room before starting the arrangement.

Arrangement of Furniture as a Place of Discussion
Don’t forget what the living room was created for! The living room as the name suggests this space is made to meet guests and chat with them. So, make sure your living room has a clear and comfortable setting for conversations with guests.

When you make arrangements in the living room don’t forget to always have clear traffic in it. Make every space user able to cross the room easily without having to trip over the legs of your furniture.

Create Clearance Between Walls
Many of the homeowners are mistaken in their spatial arrangement, they often push furniture against the wall in order to include more furniture into space. However, this is a wrong move! Ideas for living room arrangements so that the appearance feels bigger, you need to give a little distance between the walls and your furniture. This will create the illusion that space is more spacious.

Simple Small Living Room Arrangements

About Sizes and Ideas for Living Room Arrangements

When we talk about room arrangement, then no one should miss the size. Size is an element that will support your success in arranging a living room. Here are Ideas for Living Room Arrangements based on size:

  • Sofa and Seating
    The first thing to consider is the size of the main living room furniture (sofa and chairs), this furniture often comes at a fairly expensive price. So, make sure you measure the space well to make sure your sofa can occupy the space properly. When determining the size of this furniture, you can start by making a floor plan with a space sketch of the appropriate size.

Place the sofa and chairs in several different places and then watch how they will take up space. Do you still have leftovers on both sides with this arrangement? Make sure the seating arrangement still provides clear traffic for you.

  • Rugs
    Use rugs to clarify your conversation area. By using rugs, you can clarify where guests can sit comfortably. And be sure to bring in rugs of the right size! A common mistake is when homeowners bring rugs too small for their living room!

Using rugs of the wrong size will make for a completely unpleasant look! At least bring rugs that are large enough for every piece of furniture, and use colors that are nice enough to tie into your space scheme.

  • Coffee table
    This item should be the centerpiece of your conversation area! Make sure to use a table at a lower height than the seat that is at least 2/3 the length of your sofa. And while the coffee table can get too big for the room, you might consider using the Ottoman with a tray on top! This method will give you more seating when you need it and can be turned into a smaller coffee table.
  • Side Table
    Actually, this is not a piece of must-have furniture for the living room, but it must be considered. Basically, every living room also has its own needs for a side table, but the use of a side table can be a poor choice for a small space. But when possible, you can enter the side table with the key that no furniture is crammed there.

Ideas For Living Room Arrangements With Room Accessories

The living room would not be attractive without the accessories in it! When you are done with ideas for living room arrangements with the existing furniture. Adding some window treatments, wall art, tv, and also some wall sconces can be a way to enhance the look of your living room.

Ideas for living room arrangements are not always about furniture arrangements, but also about every item in your room. Make sure to try it, and write in the comments on how the results of your test will be.

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