Interior Design Elements You Must Understand Before Decor

Interior Design

Interior Design Not a few of the homeowners always asks how to decorate the interior in order to be a design that is more charming and interesting. Interior decoration can sometimes be an activity that drains the mind, some consider this decoration is a decoration that refers to the design of comfortable living space, and there are those who think that interior decoration is associated with decorating a room full of furniture with additional layers.
Basically, the interior decoration will be tied to several building elements, and that is also an element that is quite easy to think about. And the interior decoration factors are several building elements among them:

Interior Design Elements

Interior Design Elements
Of course, we will be dealing directly with the main and most important elements in the interior decoration. The room is an area where we will start to create and design every design that we will make implemented. Indoor planning will be divided into two namely, two-dimensional floor space with length and width, and 3-dimensional space that has length, width, and height.
Spaces that have areas with a variety of furniture can also be called active spaces, and empty spaces without furniture can be called passive spaces. Paying attention to the balance between the second room must be improved properly and the arrangement of furniture to make the room feel more alive.
The shape of the line and the shape has an important value in making harmony, contrast, and also the difference in space. The lines are also divided into 3 types:


  • Dynamic provides additional drama and gives additional structure to the room
  • Vertical is a line that gives a free and wide beam to the room
  • And horizontal which gives a sense of security to the room


Lighting is an element that will have the most impact on your interior decoration. Natural light or light bulbs will give a real effect on your room. The use of light will complement other decoration elements such as color, texture, and pattern. The use of lighting that is not set properly will not destroy your interior decorating directly.
Bringing light in and creating a series of artificial lighting are two things you must do to enhance the impression of your interior design. There are 3 types of artificial lighting, accent, task, and ambient.
The form has a general meaning for interior design, the form of interior design can be combined with a combination of several forms of objects that already exist. And the existing form will provide additional texture, pattern, and color to the room. a well-defined form will give harmony to the room and provide a balance in it. You will recognize 2 types of shapes:
  • Geometry
  • And natural
The texture is an element of interior design that has a bond with the surface and becomes an element that gives a personal look to your design. The texture used is an element that gives additional depth and interest to your room. Textures have two types:
  • Visually visible
  • And the actual texture that can be felt
Color in interior design means an element that presents the atmosphere in the room and becomes an aesthetic builder element that will set the mood. The color is a choice that will build and regulate the mood of the user of the room. And the colors used have their own charm and character.
The pattern will be an element that gives additional interest and makes the room more lively, the pattern can be more perfect when you successfully match it with color. Good pattern selection is the selection of patterns that can lean in the room directly and have a good blend with the existing textures and colors.

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