Kitchen Island Choices You Need to Know

When you want a kitchen island, you will get a variety of options to complement your space. This can be the cheapest, most expensive, and the most functional. The difference between each kitchen island choice is a portable island or permanent island with a choice of different classes from the class that requires electricity services and also classes that don’t need it. This depends on your home, which can be very expensive and luxurious when you have a house foundation with a road slab means you have to have a cutter on the slab and cables from above. To make it easier for you, here are a selection of islands that you can consider!

Kitchen Island

Kitchen Island
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Maybe you will not be able to classify this one as a kitchen island, but this can be taken into consideration. Carts and carts are more often like a portable preparation area that is better located next to the kitchen to store your equipment than on display in the middle of the room. This choice became a common island.
  • This review is an economical choice with the ease of bringing in and removing it.

  • As the name of a wheelbarrow (bolster), you will easily roll it because the wheels are not locked, but when you lock it, the wheel will have a strong grip on the floor.

Kitchen table island
This option is a kitchen table with four legs and a flat surface, yes this is a table but is in the position of the island that is usually located. Actually, this is the idea of making a kitchen island using a table in the middle of the room for the food preparation area.
  • Easy to install and easy to get
  • You can also eliminate it when you don’t need it anymore
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  • This is a flat area without a container, sink, or backsplash. This is just a table!
Basic cabins with additional countertops
This is an option by building an island with a variety of existing materials, using a basic cabinet (maybe 3 or 4). Until now, electricity will not require containers to be on the island because the island is portable. With the built-in island which is located on this floor, it can be considered a permanent island with a dimension of 12 “x 24”.
  • This is the easiest option to build, but it’s not cheap.
  • The back is not visible because it faces the wall, requiring you to cover it with veneer.
  • Cutting table with the appropriate size must be done to perfection.
Functional Island Completely with electricity and water
This is a kitchen island with maximum functions with various needs with electricity, sink, drainage, and a wide flat surface.
  • This is not an additional area, but it is really a member of the kitchen itself
  • This is a high-cost project
Kitchen island with levels
This can be an area with the first level as a preparation area and a second level for a dining area. Combine the two functions of preparation and also cooking in an area with different levels.
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  • This is a more ergonomic island choice with optimal height for the cooking area (36 inches) and the dining area (42 inches).
  • With two areas in one place, you will reduce the cooking area.
  • You can only cook in the lower area.

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