Lamp Shades Buying Guide You Need Know

Lamp Shades

Table lamps or floor lamps provide additional light as excellent task lighting for the living room or bedroom. The addition of lampshades is a good choice to adjust how much light you will get from the lamp itself, in addition to providing additional light the lampshade will also give an additional look and feel to the existing design.
When you start looking for a lampshade for a room, you will get a certain size, how the lampshade will be in your lamp, and also the style of the lampshade itself. We wrote this article to make it easy for you to choose the right lampshade for each type of lamp in your room!


Lamp Shades Buying Guide

Lamp Shades
Many of the lampshades come in a variety of style choices to suit the tastes of every homeowner and also complement the body of the lamp itself. In addition to the style as a complement, different shades will also be obtained from each existing hood style. Round lights will be good combos with rounded bases too, and square-shaped lampshades will be more stylish with a square base. So choose the style of your lampshade for the ambiance you want to create indoors:
1. Empire Lamp
Empire hood style gives a classic look that is conical, has a smaller diameter at the top and a larger diameter at the bottom of the hood. This lampshade is a versatile choice and can be used for any type of room with a variety of shapes and body styles.
2. Bell Bell
Having a cone shape but with curved sides and also tilted to make a separate panel for the choice of this lampshade. The panel is fused into an up and down layer on the lampshade, the style that will match this lamp is the traditional room style because the bell lights will give an elegant antique look.
3. Drum style
With a drum-shaped hood with a shape that has the exact same cylinder at the top and bottom, making the drum lights have a balance in the emitting light for the area. The jet produced from this hood is a contemporary style and will have maximum results with the shape of a round vase lamp with a thin body.
Choosing the right lampshade you should do for comfort and also give a good feel to your room. There are rules when choosing a good lamp shade for a room, such as choosing a lampshade with one or two inches larger than the lamp base with a height that covers the lamp socket and other hardware on the pedestal.

You should also pay attention to the selection of the lamp cap which has a fastener that can be attached to the lamp properly.

Material Selection

The lampshade also has a large selection of materials to choose from for the type of lamp or to get a feel in the room. Lampshades will create lighting that will enhance mood and allow the filtering of light for the room. Each selection of lampshades will give a different look and feel. In addition to the different nuances, the choice of hood material will also vary from the color and pattern.

Metal or metal will be the most suitable material for industrial-style rooms. The most reasonable metal is copper, brass, or chrome. Basically metal lamp shades will not provide much light into the room, because they will block the existing light but using a metal hood is a really good choice to increase the attractiveness in the room.

Paper lampshades are a good choice to filter incoming light and provide a trendy look, you can get many color choices to complement the look in the room. Paper cover options can be easily painted to give a more unique look and the paint area can be a choice of the direction of the diffusion of light.

Glass coverings are a popular choice for antique style lighting areas, with colorful glass giving a truly indoor look. You can also get various color choices for lamp shades with this glass material. Glass lampshades are preferred in traditional-style rooms.

Fabric lampshades such as cotton, linen, and silk are the most common fabric covers found in various rooms. This lamp cover has become popular because the light produced is soft, non-dazzling light. Even when you use white tones on the fabric you can get a really trendy look for your room.

Along with the times, rattan is also a material for manufacturing lampshades. Rattan gives a more dramatic look to the room and makes the room owner feel more comfortable, but the use of rattan material is not good for the reading area in the living room or bedroom.

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