List Best Hanging Plants Indoors You Must Consider

Hanging Plants Indoors

Interior decoration might be confusing for some homeowners! However, you need to know that interior decoration can be done by anyone or even those who don’t have the slightest experience. One way to improve your interior decoration is to use decorative hanging plants indoors. The use of ornamental plants in the room is not as complicated as when you use artwork or accent furniture, the use of ornamental plants has its own way to give dimensions, style, and appearance to your room. In addition, the use of interior plants also has additional benefits for cleaning the air in the room.
Before you decide to bring ornamental plants into the house, consider hanging your ornamental plants. Hanging an ornamental plant has greater benefits than just placing ornamental plants at the end of the room alone. To get indoor plants to be hung, continue reading this article. To facilitate you in choosing hanging plants for your room, we have written in a number of plant choices. You can read it and get the best hanging plants that suit your desires.

List Best Hanging Plants Indoors

Best Hanging Plants Indoors
With the shape of a round leaf that competes make them have an advantage in planting water there, making this plant last longer without being flushed with water. This plant can grow well in the house with minimal maintenance.
This plant is also a pet-friendly choice that does not require too much direct light to survive.
Fern Bird’s Nest
This plant has leaves with ripple eyes that grow to form like a crown or look like a nest.
These plants like a lot of moisture and make them a good choice to be placed in a window in the bathroom. They aka right to be in the bathroom and provide additional fresh air in there!
This plant is often also referred to as the best air producer for your room. This plant is the choice for hanging plants because it does not need a pot to continue to grow.
You only need a rope or glue it to a hanging ball with air circulation (holes). They must be given sufficiently bright lighting, with weekly water to maintain the freshness of the plants.
Staghorn Fern
This plant is often in wooden plaques and also hung or in slender plantations. They are a good choice for bathrooms. Lighting will make leaf growth more beautiful and they are also a pet-friendly choice.
Scindapsus Pictus
Vines with dark green leaves with blotches make a good choice for planting or on trees. You can remove them from hanging planters, they prefer medium lighting and a splash of fresh water once a week.
Marble Pothos
They have varied leaves and will propagate quickly, marble pothos is a good choice for those who have never brought plants into the house with ease in breeding with stem cuttings. The lighting needed is low-moderate lighting less than the lighting of other ornamental plants.


String of Hearts
This is a secular plant that has an extraordinary appearance to your room. They look like a small heart in the room makes them truly amazing for your plants. However, maintenance of this plant is arguably more difficult than others because watering is done more often for moist soil (not by standing water). The use of drainage containers is an option to consider.
Orchids with a view that captivates and attracts visitors to the room make it the most charming choice for ornamental plants in your home. They will bloom in 1x a year with an attractive appearance and become a friendly choice for your pet. Bring in as much sunlight as possible in the room, the window in full light is their favorite area.
Vanda Orchid
These plants need direct sunlight to bloom and they will live without their roots. They require that you use water every day because this will be fun.
For those of you who want to use hanging plants indoors, consider the choice of plants above! I hope it helps get a look for your indoor!

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