List of the Best Floor Choices for Bathroom

The floor becomes a decoration choice that will determine how your home is. The appearance of your home will be a big factor in how your floor is designed. The kitchen, living room, dining room, bedroom, office, and bathroom all spaces without exception require the selection of floors according to the needs and level of traffic in each room.
So how about we start from the bathroom? the room with the highest humidity level and high traffic too. When choosing a bathroom floor, there are several considerations that you should pay attention to, one of which is the durability of the floor that appears luxurious under pressure. The design and selection of your bathroom floor certainly do not escape the amount of water available.

List of the Best Floor Choices for Bathroom

List of the Best Floor Choices for Bathroom
Water is a must and the humidity of the room is very reasonable! Water is on each side of your space: Dining, ceiling, and floor. The selection that is not appropriate and without calculation will make moisture damage everything in your bathroom. Moisture is a problem that comes to design your bathroom floor, vinyl sheets and ceramic tiles will probably be the winner in the bathroom floor selection. However, you need to read and consider several factors below for your consideration in choosing the best floor in the bathroom!
Ceramic Tiles
Ceramic tiles are the best material that comes for decorating the floor in your bathroom, the durability of the water, stylish, and their cheap budget makes ceramic floors the best choice in decorating your bathroom. Ceramic tiles will give you a wealth of flavor, texture and remain sturdy. Ceramic tiles have resistance to such vinyl, charming like wood and tiles are very attractive.
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Porcelain or ceramic tiles of your choice? So what’s the difference from them? Porcelain tiles are part of a large family of common ceramics that have differences in the water absorption rate. Porcelain Tile Certification Agency gives the title of “porcelain” tiles as tiles that have a water absorption of 0.5 percent or less. This tile becomes your main need when you use a half bathroom or bathroom powder!
Because ceramic tiles come in various types, you will get many choices for the bathroom floor according to your wishes. You can even find tile floors with motifs such as wood and stone to decorate your bathroom.
Each tile comes in a variety of different sizes and shapes, you can find rectangular or even hexagonal tiles. And also the mosaic tiles are not left behind in decorating your bathroom for a more luxurious and unique impression in it. Various colors come from tiles, so you can choose colors that are more creative and make your bathroom more attractive.
What makes the tile a good choice in the bathroom is the tile will hold the standing water and clean the well. The tile has a cool and slippery texture when wet, but the existing texture will add friction to reduce slippery on your tile.
Advantages and disadvantages

  • You will get many style choices for tiles
  • Give more appeal to your home, and make resale at a price that is still good
  • Easier level of care


  • Hard texture
  • Cold
  • Slippery

A charming and very simple appearance, vinyl has become the most popular choice on bathroom floors in recent years. Vinyl sheets are a good choice when there is a lot of water in the bathroom. The installation of vinyl sheets in the bathroom in pairs with a little ground for a small room. Fancy vinyl boards are increasingly popular and come in 5 inches wide and up to 47 inches long. Many of these vinyl flooring sellers are self-made and come with a large choice of styles.
Advantages and disadvantages
  • Really waterproof material
  • Cheap
  • Can be installed alone without experts
  • Floating vinyl is easy to replace
  • The selling value will go down
  • Lumps on the underlayment can appear to the surface of the floor
Stone is also a choice that is no less popular than vinyl and ceramic, but the stone flooring material requires you to slightly dredge your wallet. Marble, limestone, granite, and a few others have moisture problems. Rock hard texture, durability, and give a charming appearance. Making stone floors gives you good resale value.
Stone floors will feel very slippery and cold, to overcome the problem of cold floors you can use radiant heaters. And you can overcome the slip problem by using a sandblasting stone structure or by using slate in your bathroom.
The factor that made the popularity of stone floor users decrease was the price of expensive floors. And they are ranked first inexpensive floor options.
Strengths and weaknesses of the floor
  • You will get another sale value at a good price
  • Durable
  • You need experts for installation
 Imitation wood
For a comparison with solid wood, this wood is more resistant to moisture in the bathroom because it has dimensional stability. This kayak has a plywood base that survives from room moisture. This wood will present the same tone as real wood because they use the top layer using real hardwood.
Advantages and disadvantages
  • You can use this wooden floor when you want the impression of real wood in your bathroom
  • Have stable dimensions
  • Hardwood becomes the top layer
  • You can use Overspendng using veneer layers
Laminate flooring is a better choice for your bathroom than hardwood floors. Lamination is a paper floor that is given resin on a wooden base. The surface of the floor is a picture of oak, cherry, and stone. And has a top that is often referred to as a worn field. DuPont RealTouch is a wear choice for laminate floors that last for up to 30 years.
Lamination is very good for the bathroom when you provide measures to protect the wooden base from bathroom moisture. The tight layer between the boards makes it difficult for moisture to seep. Besides this floor has maintenance and ease in cleaning it. And has a base of wood chips.
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When the laminate gets clashed with moisture, the floor will expand and melt on one side and the best way to fix it is to tear the floor. Moisture-resistant flooring has not yet been realized perfectly, although many manufacturers have tried to develop it.
Weakness and strength
  • Laminate flooring is an option that has a low budget
  • You can install it yourself
  • Laminated floors that are affected by water cannot be repaired and require you to replace it
  • Gather static

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