Living Room Arrangements

Living Room Arrangements Tricks for Maximum Results

Living Room Arrangements

When starting a home decorating project, you will be at the point where you are in the middle of the room and do not know how to start arranging the space. Living room arrangements become projects that are scarier than you can imagine! There will be more tricks to consider. From aesthetics, style, budget, and so on. When starting to decorate the living room, the first thing to do is how the living room arrangements are.

Arranging sofas, chairs, coffee tables, and other furniture is enough work to make you get more stress levels. To make it easier for you in living room arrangements, we have summarized it in a simple living room layout project that you must try! Keep on scrolling and get more inspiration.

Living Room Arrangements Tricks

Living Room Arrangements
Living Room Arrangements

Living Room Size
Living room arrangements will never be independent of how big the living room itself is! Drafting the arrangement by drawing a simple floor plan complete with sizes will work. Draw a box with notes on all sides of the room, this project can be done in a computer program or by simple drawing on paper.

Having a floor plan for spatial planning will make it easier for you to arrange every piece of furniture.

Create an Indoor Focus Point
Determining the focus on the living room should be the first work in your living room arrangements. Items that are often used as focal points in living rooms include TVs, fireplaces, chandeliers, wall art, and so on. When you are sure which items to focus on in your space, it will be easier for you to arrange other furniture. For example, if you are using the TV as the focus of the dining area each sofa and chair will face the TV and a proper viewing distance should be done. The standard distance when watching TV is at a distance of 8-10 feet with a viewing angle of approximately 30 degrees.

Place the main sofa and its cross-section to remain facing the wall that is the focus of the room (TV). Additional chairs and chaise can be placed on either side of the wall on your TV, then complement the existing seating area by providing a visual balance in it. Perfect your living room arrangements by combining some special furniture such as a pair of armchairs for a bold look.

For a living room with a fireplace, you can make a more strategic arrangement! Because in a living room with a fireplace, conversation is more important.

Start Settings
Done with the focal point and seating area, it’s time to add a table and storage cabinet in your living room arrangements. It’s a good idea to place a coffee table or ottoman in the middle of a sofa and chairs. And for even better viewing, you can leave about 16-18 inches between the coffee table and the sofa to ensure that the remote, as well as drinks, are within reach without leaving the soft sofa.

Don’t forget to leave a reasonable distance in the traffic area of your living room, an area free of furniture will make it easier for you to pass without having to trip over the legs of the furniture. This method is also a trick that will give the appearance of a wider space than it really is! So, this is a must-have trick to consider.

Add Lights
Use a floor lamp to replace your side table, and be sure to place the table in an area you can reach your hands without having to stand up! Side lamps will give you more light which is good for the living room, living room arrangements by adding table lamps or using floor lamps will open your room and the appearance of the living room will become clearer.

These Living Room Interior Design Will Inspire You

As for chandeliers, you can place them in the center of the living room which will provide regular lighting to your sitting area. Whereas using spotlighting is a good idea to make wall art more interesting.

Don’t Forget the Carpet
The last item that should be mandatory in living room arrangements is the use of rugs! Using rugs is an excellent idea to define a conversation area in a living room. Using the rugs, you will get a central area for warm conversation.

What should be considered in living room arrangements is to make sure to use rugs that are large enough to create a bigger appearance in your living room.

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