Living Room Furniture Arrangement Tricks From Professional

Living Room Furniture

There is nothing more thrilling than arranging furniture in a room, setting furniture can be an activity that really drains your mind and energy. How do you respond when dealing with an empty room? So how will you start filling your room? Even when you just want to bring in some furniture this can be a really hard task!
However, nothing is impossible in this world! There are all ways and tricks to make it easier and easier. We communicate with professional designers to help us arrange furniture in the room and make it easy to arrange. You don’t need to go out and shout “Help me”. All you have to do is read through to the end of this article and get easier in setting furniture more easily!

Living Room Furniture Arrangement

Living Room Furniture Arrangement
Let’s Start With
Create a focal point!
Maybe when you have chosen the furniture that you will bring home, you will be very happy with the selection and forget the first thing to do in setting furniture in the room! Creating a focal point in the room has magical powers that will have a huge impact on the impression in the entire room. The focal point in the room could have existed naturally, perhaps with a fireplace in the room. However, sometimes you also have to prepare to create a focal point in the room manually by using some furniture or wall art to create your own focus point, we are happy with the installation of a TV or the use of wall art as a focal point in the room.
Room size
The fact that the size of the room is decisive in setting furniture! The size determines how much breathing space you can provide for your furniture. Providing a little breathing space for furniture in the room is a must even in a minimalist space. You can try it after reading this “Basically provide a little breathing space Between furniture and walls will give the impression of space feels bigger than it really is”. And we really like it when we are confronted with a large room that allows us to concentrate the conversation room in the middle of the room, and this is really great!
Consider Traffic Flow
One of the most important things to consider when arranging furniture in any room is the flow of traffic. People should not trip over furniture, or each other, to get through the room. Leave a few feet (inches) between the coffee table and the sofa and between the chairs. Make it easy for your guests to explore the room.
Conversation Area
This is very important when finished with your settings. Try sitting on the couch and imagine you are there with a guest or one of your family members. And feel how you talk to them, can they listen well? and can you talk casually without having to stretch out your neck or in a loud tone? Positioning sofa 1 with others must be considered when setting you up. Don’t let your conversation be interrupted just by talking to a friend in one room by shouting.
There are many people who forget it! The balance in designing a room is often ignored by many homeowners. The size and placement of the furniture are some of the factors that will determine the impression in your room. When you place heavy furniture on one side and don’t balance it with heavy furniture on the opposite side, this will make the impression that your arrangement is tilted! How come? Of course, if you don’t believe this, just try it! Placement of heavy furniture which is grouped on one side will really disrupt the arrangement of the room and feels stilted.
Rugs area
The rug will always be under your furniture, and the rug will always be the area that shows the focal point in the room. Bringing in a really large rug to accommodate at least one foot of your furniture can give the impression the room feels bigger than it is. And this is true, rugs are items that will have a big impact on your room instantly.
Coffee table
You will more often find a coffee table in the room than in a room without a coffee table. And the fact is the use of a coffee table with a larger size is a better choice! A coffee table that rests in the middle of the room is a good idea for the function and aesthetics of the homeowner. The coffee table can be one of the attractions in the room and become an item that unites users of space. A table with a larger size will provide easy access to chairs and sofas that surround it, but make sure you also create a traffic area there at least 16 inches to make it easier for your guests to pass without having to step on the furniture feet.

When you use the coffee table, make sure each of your guests can easily reach their drinks (without having to stand). It’s a good idea to also add a side table to your sofa, but pay attention to the width of the side table (Don’t exceed the width of the sofa arm).

Lighting is an element that will bring atmosphere to your room, don’t ignore it! To get good lighting in the room, make sure you don’t only depend on one type of lighting. Use some lighting to maximize the appearance in the room, overhead, side table lamps, track, floor lamps, etc. will work more optimally to show the style in your room. And when you bring in lighting, you can bring lighting to different levels for balance in the room.
Wall art
Placement is the key to every design in the room, this also applies to the use of wall art. When you bring in wall art, mirrors, or maybe a sculpture look at your appearance. Indiscriminate use of a pen can make the room feel completely unpleasant and even when you are wrong in placement, the room can feel very busy!

We prefer hanging large pieces behind our couch for an attraction in the room than we bring in some small photos to be behind the sofa. This just makes the room feel busier!

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