7 Living Room Interior Design Ideas You Must Know

Living Room Interior Design Ideas

All the room decorations in the house have different ways to make them more attractive and attract attention. This includes when we do a living room interior design ideas, everything in it has tricks to enhance the appearance of the living room. For this reason, I write these living room interior design ideas based on experience and also the results of conversations with professional interior workers.

Basically, living room interior design ideas can be divided into 7 basic elements of decoration, you can make these elements a guide to creating a more attractive and comfortable living room, of course.

Living room interior design ideas are here to give you a clearer picture of how to make decorating a living room easier, and when we talk further. It’s just about how you can create the illusion in a living room with the basic tricks we’ve written down.

Living Room Interior Design Ideas

Living Room Interior Design Ideas
Living Room Interior Design Ideas

Like cooking, living room interior design ideas can be interpreted as a seasoning to make food tastier. Here are the keys to living room interior design:

The first optimization to do in living room interior design ideas is about color selection. Color in interior design not only presents an aesthetic impression, but the use of the right color will have a big influence on the overall appearance of the space and also the mood.

Many think that red is a passionate choice, and green or blue is a color hue that brings calmness in a room, while yellow has the power to elevate mood and make space users happier.

Color choices are not only about how they appear in your room but how the colors can play the atmosphere in it.

What we mean here is not just the shape of the space and the existing furniture, but the shape here also relates to the contours of wall art, furniture, and also 3D objects in the room (objects that have a shadow). Optimization in Living room interior design ideas and promoting form means that you have to pay attention to how each furniture, sculpture, and other items make the living room more charming and comfortable.

In this element, you will get 2 considerations of shape, namely organic (or a natural and irregular shape even curved and abstract), and also geometric shapes (A shape with sharp lines and edges made by humans, this can be like a box or triangle).

These are the elements that surround the area around an existing shape, like when you are drawing an object in a room, then you will start by making a line for the edge of the room first. Lines can be vertical, horizontal, and dynamic (lines express movements, such as curves or zigzags).

The use of vertical lines is a way to give a bold and expressive look to a room, horizontal lines are lines that give a room a comfortable look, and while dynamic lines have their own way of giving a room a touch.

More Lighting For Living Room Interior Design Ideas
Nobody likes being in a dark, narrow cave! It’s the same as your living room when the lighting is not properly adjusted, this room will feel like a cave. Know the power of lighting for each room in your home.

A good quality lighting layer will give the room a more spacious and pleasant appearance. Natural lighting, man-made, and a combination of the two should be considered in living room interior design ideas. And when bringing in lighting, make sure to pay attention to factors like light color, intensity, and also do you need a dimmer in it?

Living Room Interior Design Ideas

The play of textures in the living room will give the impression of how to feel the objects in it. It’s like when you touch an existing object, what kind of feeling is produced? For example, when you look at a painting you will touch it and can tell that it is smooth, antique, or rough. By using mixing textures in the room, you will get a variety of views that make the room more pleasant.

Even in a minimalist style room, neutral colors will often come your way. And this use of neutral colors can make a room very boring. The use of texture in it is the most effective way to destroy the existing boredom.

It is a deliberate display of shapes, lines, as well as some of the other design elements that are present. Patterns often appear in the use of wallpaper and fabrics, but the use of patterns can be seen in every inch of the room. In fact, you can bring up patterns on light sources and other design elements in the room.

Pay attention! Giving too many patterns in the room will overwhelm the room and destroy the visual appearance of the space.

Last For Living Room Interior Design Ideas is space
This is the essence of Living Room Interior Design Ideas. You will get two basic types of space elements to look out for. Namely 2D space (with the length and width of the space), and also 3D space (something that covers the height).

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